Toy Insider Mom: Halloween Edition

Laurie Schacht has costumes and new products to make this Halloween a memorable one.
6:44 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Toy Insider Mom: Halloween Edition
Let me explain. Halloween is almost here so why else would I be dressed like this though he gave you your kids still undecided about what to where you're in luck. Toy insider mom Laurie check back to give us an inspiration you brought me some inspiration and upward I don't know why. You can you really made me Darth Vader here. Well they knew where they are fabulous start thinking ahead. You know that ghosts and got land there any air it's gonna be out Halloween weekend this year which makes it even more time. And the first thing everyone's this is what or who are willing feet. That's some of them go and pick these up off the gulf the record that's okay but you know what and and a lot of his passenger Gannett company asking me hard to find. Like health that. That revenue rose and top climate scientists not you just have to buy your passengers a lot of fun to do it that way but it's also. A lot of fun to do it yourself. And we have this wonderful Richardson down the that just gonna tell us all about it that's. So. All it really takes to make his passing is some cream face makeup and some clothes you don't care about that you're okay with putting some holes and Michaela technical and all nice and easy but if your kid wants to be something a little less scary. Just protecting kids Macy's really awesome design your own separate so kids can make. Everything they need to be a beautiful area took it over here. So what can they cut at each set comes with its YouTube and then you can buy some magic wand and decorate he seems really. Cute brother pat know this is the need more inexpensive way to go well absolutely you plus he's a really simple separate so kids can Wear them for role played all year round and this is the final product we. It has and still do. Did and you know what whether it's making yourself. Or around customs it's always something to remember that the kids can use them over and over again OK let's go out and do this is the core candidate candidate wanna talk about us how it's gonna look going at him what can we didn't sell. My reality. In nineteen outside sky Jacqui tell us immigrant there are. A lot of ways to give your mama spectacular. Made go around for good meaning simple things you finer and house so. You know or support your local craft stark you don't have it you can pick up some solid color candles like me is some of everyday guerrillas. News they have claimed from the candle to melt the wax sentinel drip over the candle or giving us cool spooky fun design. Vote annual growth of those were bullet in the store you deeply specifically in the exact stuff the end of its awesome and we also have this eerie spooky I'm laundry. On the validity to his. Heart all you need is some model magic religious and playing some pain classically as smoothly I'm longer. He put it together. But what many rank and there's a lot of fun to do. And then cat my favorite these creepy crawl Lee youths who were so art yes. Kids love up robots and hex signs all year round but current Halloween season they can double as compete home decor and they really. Treat me and Chris and SF do you think that and yes yes. It is Alexis. You could look like that frighten those video and doing good they Obama mania. That's about it headed to the weird thing I asked. About the picture is about. He gets you. Allen and if you ask kids what their favorite part about Halloween and of course that's going to be the candy nearly way to get that trick or treating to cooks but what we put them up that triggered street and make sure they're safe the especially for that night. Sword and arm them would be Blake fourth project delays flashlight. That would look at these they have kids' favorite characters on them so you can shine them mutant ninja turtles littlest pet and superheroes and princesses and rather then. The better than just the moment like absolutely yeah they're at second lieutenant had dug a fairly inexpensive to use a little Varela. Know what's going over the dog who. I don't think it now you can take your look oddly you triggered treating that's not how every one in fun favorite character passed in. Like I minions like that site and then and then the whole family can nuts again. That's the safety issues who has good to have you dogwood earliest record Sinaloa and the young into these scooters are everywhere which you can decades. Or for the Holland following as well. Means up to him under their kicks from rays are perfect for trick or treating it keeps you going fasting candy hunt and a they're fun role play for kids that are spooky for the sun yet. Okay the end either and we go home schooler and neither of these is just sad thing you add to the scooter I don't know this is all scooter makeup. Already create a vacuum business virtually. Yeah. They did all right we're just getting started with Halloween here we got the more fun including the some of the treats you know we talk about the tricking but there is treats that are involved in Halloween. So we'll be right back. Where that they would. I welcome back time to talk corny idea is now with Lori checked of course we talk about costumes look. The treats of the big part of the. Nine Nancy and it's at it's a weekend of Halloween this years and that means everyone's gonna come over and I think a lot of things wherever we need a little messy tipped OK down as the owner and he. But it's a fine mess so yeah. Like today it's under the don't have time to intense he's cute little little bites and regular sized pumpkin muffin. So what do you do any open and not people at some processing some sprinkles some candy cooling. And this is something that not everyone can do you have a tiny kids of forgiveness and grown ups have been a big mess he had added. But it. Yes hunky ends. We can harm them we can paint that can so it's a lot of fun very easy fright sentinel. Bill is there can win in the stock I'm opening event to touch this let Michaels got some parade step. It's new way you can stir red CN what do you Salinas tuition at W fun yet as an immigrant who. And yet you're definitely gross that your parents at that one right here. It's a lot of time hideous didn't. Michael like so well that it would give you the deputies people who like. Nasty stuff all right and that the facilities during certain state all of Goldstein but this is kind of the Rolls Royce that this is Britain's back scatter. So eight you can have the and I said content streamed like the mile fun in the can't rule Floyd's. That's a. That's good news to have a good. Not to conduct inside of lords Sachs spokesman who had always you'll be right back here Watson in the world.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Laurie Schacht has costumes and new products to make this Halloween a memorable one.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26536569","title":"Toy Insider Mom: Halloween Edition","url":"/WNN/video/toy-insider-mom-halloween-edition-26536569"}