'Toy Insider Mom' With Indoor Fun

Laurie Schacht offers great ways to prevent cabin fever during the countless snow days.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Toy Insider Mom' With Indoor Fun
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It has been a long winter and the cold weather just doesn't want to quit my now we might all be getting a bit of cabin fever but there -- still some ways. To make snow days fun I'm joined by Lori shack with a bit of -- -- from the past -- yet you know what it is that cabin fever but this solution is great gains. So that's secular but -- today we're gonna start with one that it's a classic that -- -- members abstract remember now I don't. Well this is our reminding gay marriage and this is Alice fun and friends mass trapped animals is seeing -- want to get announcing -- one option in the trap. So it just happens next step -- you can't we have announced on the back to you and -- the cheesy -- What you keep this -- okay. And treatment -- -- there at camp. Let them. If we can track. And set you would have won that game I think your attic -- them that is okay right. So for our football fans. This is our and it -- rushes down trading card game and I think. It out kind of needs Pokemon -- trading cards. OK it's you day -- cards and the cards given offensive and defense it moves so whether it's me. That figurines the cards the end -- as the -- they collected all and there -- -- -- for all 32 of the NFL teams tonight so what age group. This is about seven and a OK OK and magic and allowed -- -- yes I think so I did we needed Craig Allen. When you wanna play game -- he -- this could trillion and is a single player lot she kicked. So what we start with aren't these gains and -- pieces and you know this I have four of them. There actually magnetic and what that means is different -- that I can actually create. Detroit okay comes with the board. Twelve puzzle pieces and a book that -- sixty challenges. No matter how do you put -- sport together there's going to be can't just for this. Com and it's just it's such a great game so every single possible -- at least one solution some of them have more. I have done is very easy -- one -- Indigenous film the last piece and to the goal is just to find a way to fit all of you happy -- -- a little pieces perfectly and you keep convert any of -- -- that are on the board room. -- -- -- Aaron -- when he won a little more action and we want to bring the whole -- really and here's a couple of games the next day jail so this one is called -- it's a fantastic action word game so tell me what category you like has -- And a -- category. I love this evening all food shop and do ice cream flavor ice cream -- so. We each have ten seconds to -- the plane -- hit the letter and pass it onto the next one I'll go fast and I'll say it. I'm putting down -- state election okay. -- chocolate shift. -- -- -- I don't. Having you don't now OK and then in the second and a few seconds this little -- They eat out I would get to keep the -- the moment the must carts at the end is the winner okay it's okay. Missionary -- case scenario is so this is the brain games of Kitchener frame name now there's three ways to play. Suppressed if classic dictionary where we would write and we would guess we would -- on -- but now we also have a few other ways to -- what is called action. And for action -- actually beach racing might split with my finger you would be following along with the marker okay. And the less -- a place called mirror -- where I can draw something. But he could see -- And I use this. To give you clues. So -- get used to it is a problem now -- since it it is having on the paper so so cloud looks. -- -- -- All right -- think he -- mud and we will be right back. Smiling goes inroads in -- line is 199. -- is among his main.

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{"id":22845955,"title":"'Toy Insider Mom' With Indoor Fun","duration":"3:00","description":"Laurie Schacht offers great ways to prevent cabin fever during the countless snow days.","url":"/WNN/video/toy-insider-mom-indoor-fun-22845955","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}