What's Hot at the Toy Show

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schact shows off the latest toys.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for What's Hot at the Toy Show
111 -- annual American international toy fair kicks off soon and thousands of cool new toys will be on display. Our toy insider mom Laurie Shaq is here to give us a preview good morning thanks so much for being at that point which is my favorite time next week -- -- Dozens of toys at the Javits Center and I get to play with the mall home. Hill and you brought us I don't eat eat eat I hit them with our youngest -- pay -- -- Playing busy table this is Alex toy I love it. Lots and activities in exile on. Kids learn a little cause and effect with the years and I -- his wooden table the fact that multiple kids can play. Perfect it is scenic a lot of -- and -- a little bit as it isn't it I just love -- it's beautiful Tim haren. And we always talk about physical activity for our kidnap -- to get started young and -- has done this with ease visa securities. So it's a great first scooter it's got a nice white platform three -- but here's the best part. When the cancer done starting around a -- take can't -- -- horse. Just pretend play. Her pay hurting anyone I know I love it. Okay lots of innovation and growth in the construction not -- Sell your tags brought light up construction to -- -- -- he's picked aegis and there are really cute in one package you can make a car. A plane at Jack. It even comes with the ramp. On the other thing for parents to remember is that these blocks will match any of the construction sets that you might have at home. So it's an animal it's fun it's easy and -- some great stuff coming up for the holidays to a whole Nat geo line. Oh really Alan bangs it Biggio is if you do it right. OK so talk about frail and aren't Democrats -- -- whether it's their creative Crayola has always given them plenty of options to do it but now they've given them the tools. Tim make what they need to get create -- this is the heat acre. So I've started you -- -- -- may this orange color. And I'm gonna ask it put in these little pieces. -- strips and tie it up they go into prime yeah. So you have to Ellis for following the chart that comes with -- -- -- -- three -- Just as adamant that gap clothes and I love as you're doing is just the fact that there's a place back every -- gonna close that. But to the kids put them back in their place -- it simply -- it all fits perfectly. And we going to snap here. Not going to let you get this is -- -- and carry. Just like. Have created their own paint. That is really cool and it also teaching them what colors and other -- there's a call that and that most of its wonderful and they go and of course the commitment of -- and -- wonderful our director until it. Itself even hotter than retro toys -- -- teenage mutant ninja turtles and he's here -- and -- can't -- Are going to be yeah. Taking our grand -- houses so this is -- -- billboard break out. And what you would do we -- home is this command strips on the back it is you put these on your wall there's forceps are coming out this summer great -- in the holiday season. And -- And when you collect the sex tickets can connect them it's a lot of front I love to return to her how are making a comeback. I still -- buzz word you're going to hear this year into boys -- -- Something that's been part of the -- -- education science technology engineering and mathematics. -- working its way into our kids playthings. Kenexa as a whole line of kids that really bring the stem concepts to life. This is investigating solar energy which you turn on the light that -- and -- can finally what happens the kids are learning that. I'm glad I they're building this so that's the important first step that they wouldn't -- together -- CNN and then eat there. Sunshine or sixty watt bulb we are harnessing the energy and we're learning how things work. That is often in what age -- that this is standing up and love it all right Laurie think you so -- taking it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schact shows off the latest toys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22457707","title":"What's Hot at the Toy Show","url":"/WNN/video/toy-insider-mom-laurie-schacht-latest-toys-22457707"}