Toys on the Go!

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off her favorite remote-controlled toys that are sure to be favorites this holiday season with all the kids.
4:09 | 12/10/15

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Many of us can remember when we made the jump from playing with little kid to ways to what the big boys and girls play with. And if you got a big boy or girl in your life or may be year when yourself that you're gonna want to check out. The selection of radio controlled toys toy insider mom sorry Shaq hasn't hit thank you for joining us this morning are so many cool things about radio control these days in fact we're gonna start with something called the Smart rover. Voice command helicopter he'll have a headset on and it turns sign. And we're see if I can fly this helicopter but just using went west it's actually gonna talk to me tell me when it's ready okay. Take off. He's Smart. But well so it tastes by itself you can tell it's a Smart Harvard to make a writer a left turn. And it's really a lot of fun you can also use the regular remote control and that sometimes in the studio. On announced that they didn't accept every choose that it wants to land and yeah. I write cell. I'm love video games they lobbed the ones that turn to a lot of in the U into the sky Landers super charges. Is what the kids are playing with but now most islanders temperature just come to life. So we have our questions are crypt pressure and our hot streak and look at these cars they have co lights. Let's let's see and hear director that experience and crashing car right Krista got a look how much fun it off and when I love the amp. It's boys and girls both a lot of them really good as I could that's a think about yet they know controlled. The girls love them to it was so these are a lot of thought. Now look so I'm too savvy. Format for its okay ready I'm ready okay so unlimited need to control I think this is the may still while Lawler three Axelsson look at this it's gorgeous yet big. It's got huge wheels if you pick it up you will see though that it's very light weight can you take it to the beach used a beach but we'll tackle any terrain to go ahead. You haven't actual hot great control of that if she couldn't really else you can teach continuing the platform holder is now in the hills and Eddie bang. Now the vaporize or two here so yeah well back way. But let's get free 66 wow really cool huh I'm sure what I love about this is this when you again you can run this in the snow you can run this animal either. It'll really go anywhere so most of them are a lot of fun I think my beauty on that went yet okay. The world didn't intend. So this is not out driving the racer RC. When I love them this is if you wanna start you forwards and backwards in this with his control drinking. We'll watch watch the wheels. We have now gone into just like the way the kids see him drive around in the marry a cart eight game he's it's like set anti Graffanino. So it is really really a lot of fun healthy got any kind of walls heard anything that awesome that. If only hinted at a back to you. That would be to read it right so it's okay I you ready for the long list helicopter in the whole wide world. OK so this is our. I'm from Sobel it it turn now don't falcon acts asked that's for extra small. It is just a little over two inches how would it not does this little case is when it comes in Qaeda your controller Richard charger you can make it your landing panned out on how that I am at that but let's see if we can get this up in the air. Laugh how it's so tight so tying it reminds it is micro machines from the eighties after a tiny little cars. And god. Added it's great and it's pretty even apply takes some work sometimes the larger flying. Did the app squad raptors the drones are a little bit easier to fly so it takes some work but it's a lot of fun and a lot of these toys for kids that are a little bit old yeah. Older kids but really when boys or girls or yeah older and older folks clearly what joint had a mom Laurie Shaq we love when you come to visit especially holidays. And for more information on these items these had to or thinks the page W an advanced dot com. You're watching world news now.

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{"id":35688074,"title":"Toys on the Go!","duration":"4:09","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off her favorite remote-controlled toys that are sure to be favorites this holiday season with all the kids.","url":"/WNN/video/toys--35688074","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}