Toys and Decor for This Halloween

Our toy insider Laurie Schact stops by to show off some cool Halloween toys and decorations.
3:18 | 10/28/15

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Transcript for Toys and Decor for This Halloween
Hey there's whether you're handing out free solar prefer tricks now the time to get into the Halloween spirit absolutely aren't we in this bird with our snazzy -- here. Are some fun items that we should say for kids of all ages. Toy insider mom Laurie sect is here with them and these are all cool some looked familiar I. I homeless pet ever looking at into the Halloween spirit elegance I just decorating and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money on I would have at a party city. I found the pumpkins in the us mean everything with 99 or lack alone can really have a lot of holiday. And when it comes to candy. Warmer has some exclusives that are meant just for the grown up so we Nevada. That he can't high and the man and that taught classes that is pumpkin spice and they aren't delicious moments a lot of thought it was a full bag it and why back find out what it's done. Now for the kids they left to decorate their tour is still don't. Is there has some great choices for them that they can put avenue room so they can make their relations soaking we have our backs. Fantastic building there we have our and not be there and are where we'll. Now I don't know if you remember crazy film but when it's time to wrap up the makeup and the candy that all over their faces. This is a good way to do it's a crazy thought is back with the first added 1965. I we have all these great monster and Halloween theme once. And it's the one in the can't it is body wants seem food and spring break is a worker for steel maker as well it. That and it doesn't make yeah I remember it doesn't make you cry it gets in your I'd write a bad idea because after the party kind of wanna get them washed up for the number one in 2000 or so dirty Holloway. I just try to get that insisting is it elements of the credits but Jack in itself so when it's time to get your kids in bed and they don't wanna go to sleep here's a great games I've felt Johnny of the skull and if the lights were out we return our skull on. And it would be ghosting projected all over the wall. We take our blaster and we shoot ourselves also great way to tell if they can get rid of those guff but yeah. You're right. And finally at the door down he bringing I think those kids don't stop coming. This is our why don't pet spider her time I will scare those are good yeah. That's very different and the green love you can see his personality to wander around what we make an angry dozens are way ahead and that's the guard note telecast Gil. And if you put an invalid illegal they kind of let's just kind of the latter violet. Lots of family fun for everybody to do so fantastic we'll leave that is great ideas. From start to finish for Halloween about it and even down to Beno. Thanks to our toll mom insider Laurie Shaq we love having you want him for more info at your FaceBook page W an advanced. Dot com and happy Halloween night. A.

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{"id":34786816,"title":"Toys and Decor for This Halloween ","duration":"3:18","description":"Our toy insider Laurie Schact stops by to show off some cool Halloween toys and decorations.","url":"/WNN/video/toys-decor-halloween-34786816","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}