Toys That Teach

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the season's best products to help kids learn lessons while they play.
4:24 | 09/29/15

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I makers have really gotten crafty turning playtime it's a lesson time marked for insider mom Laurie schacht is here right now this morning fish coast forays that also teach. C call them that stem toys what does that. Exactly science technology engineering and mathematics that's enough and it's huge and a huge trend in our toys. Which is a great thing they want twist to be fine. But when he teaches context like that. It makes it easier for kids to take those skills into the classroom. And one day in their future lacks OK so start of construction sat because we know construction is oh he's been good for things like logic and problem solving. I'm so this is you let go and this is our beautiful tree top hideaway the elves treetops title at its look and he's now. But now also did talk about a lot of movement in our canopy. Look at the bridge in the back it is a magical bridge right here right now news of their caves and now. It's our magic brits all back to the staircase. We can even move are well up. So there's lots and lots of movement really basic intro to engineering skills detail parent that lets Mattson technology does all of us love our computers. We're also a getting into those hybrids. What this curious Smart so this is a chilling one we started as a laptop and it's the first time we're seeing a windows computer fort children. And it's under 200 dollars. Cell kids can do anything on this they can write papers do you homer we're doing work Henican later and seek has would get to that yes because it's got Microsoft Office in here. Which is free free air but look what else the says. It's a tap let and yes they can play games to this comes preloaded with over 200 dollars worth of apps while games all kind of fun sat. Because it's not all work we need to play tail the better they'll do just to play right that was okay. So blacks you know we've all seen wooden blocks but we've never seen so Marty blacks that these are smarting blocks and there are a lot of fun. There's a 120 challenger sort of like it. Our kids like five years old can start playing with this and just following simple patterns but there's a hundred in twenty different challenges in this. And it's all about sequencing man. Logic so they followed the car it. And they have to do this at what ever the cartels and with the blacks and it's a time where so kids can time themselves when they're facing a different challenges or of course they can faceoff with different it's still. Think all of us getting excited that is on the 3-D printing deaths not really very accessible to everyone but the kids know that in think that one day. It'd be able to make their own toys or that one day has come out of this is that where three teen may care. So what had its we have this chamber okay we have this. I can do whatever that aliens weren't yet so that millions away I'll do is ominous turn this on just to say isn't this just -- We can turn into some sort of project or some sort of toy so you're coloring it. But let me just open this up. And what I've done is I actually taking an up plastic water bottled. Anti made a bracelet well you can't be anything but you can use the mold you can find things around has anything at all mine looks like a mistake. And I really let me talk you about this awesome robot so this isn't the cat now. Not tonight and a key is amazing 600 pieces six motors. In fact police started coming here today we're so excited about it he decided he had something to say yeah and it he I noticed his learns intelligent. Movement note to preprogrammed token let's listen. Yeah. We're else. A vertical it's happened while he. Say you really got some digital build this don't think he talks and he hits and he walks than you how to do all of the programming steps he is amazing. So with a nice toys and I think I might have learned something here comes out. Thanks to our insider mom Laurie back for being here. And by the way you can find more diesels of course about these toys are FaceBook page of the NN stands dot com you're watching. World needs them. Thank you so you welcome.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the season's best products to help kids learn lessons while they play.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34119999","title":"Toys That Teach","url":"/WNN/video/toys-teach-34119999"}