Trevor Noah Under Fire

The newly-named "Daily Show" host is under fire for what some are calling "offensive" tweets.
3:00 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trevor Noah Under Fire
It is time now for the skinny and topping the headlines this morning Trevor no under fire. Now barely 48 hours after the south African comedian was named to succeed Jon Stewart later this year on The Daily Show. Critics went looking into his past and a pointed out a history of rants on Twitter that they described. As racist misogynist anti Semitic homophobic. Even if fat shaming. Yesterday dole responded on Twitter saying. To reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn't land is not a true reflection of my character nor my evolution as the comedian. Comedy Central meanwhile is standing behind Noah calling the criticism unfair but as one industry observer puts it. The line between funny and offensive is thin and Trevor no is on the wrong side. Stay tuned for this as well. And certainly now he'll be under a lot of scrutiny. After the critics have come forward when he actually starts have big job he's got now about them. Well next to Russell Crowe allegedly getting praying to. By Michael Jackson said the actor claims in an interview with the guardian that incidentally is described as fairly bunkers by gawk or. Despite the fact that he never met Michael Jackson the King of Pop would find out the names he stayed under in hotels. Bring them up and Craig call him with jokes. Well this isn't actually the first time crow has mentioned these crank calls he apparently has said. As much of the greatest tabloid the sun back in 2013. Totally surprised me I I just see how Michael Jackson might of had a little prankster streak in him that the child is beside him as more available for the death. But we'll -- of a blast from the past the year thanks to a twist in technology. Get pop trio deal lost soul has smashed its kick starter goal to fund their first studio album in eleven years. Their last album the grind gate was released back in 2004. But they may be best known for the 1989. Single me myself and I. From their influential albums three feet high and rising. I also improved. Oh. So proud funding has now given them more than 200000 dollars in that jump. On their upcoming eight studio album is expected to drop or kept. For the purest out there and this is the. If we get more songs like this I'm all for finding them. And I figure that Nextel that song love that maybe they could do another version for. Well tiller thousand dollars as cat food literally for our next subject. Yes fashion designer and photographer call laggard fell known for his little black dresses is now being known for his big fight cash he tells New York magazine. That it's catches in just pretty she's worth millions of dollars literally. Michael claimed she made 3.2. Million dollars last year alone from just two. Modeling gigs one for cars in Germany and the other fourth Japanese. Beauty products. Fancy cat with a fancy names show pet I think it's how that's pronounced. So pet the cat he says has to personal maid and gets a regular beauty treatments. He also. Big cat hates other animals apparently as knowledge children doesn't wanna compete for any competition though lack of real suggested to the magazine however that the cat. Has made him a better person. Think that the three million payment they make us all better people I don't thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The newly-named \"Daily Show\" host is under fire for what some are calling \"offensive\" tweets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30041365","title":"Trevor Noah Under Fire","url":"/WNN/video/trevor-noah-fire-30041365"}