Trevor Noah's First Night Hosting 'The Daily Show'

South African comedian Trevor Noah began his highly-anticipated debut on "The Daily Show" with a nod to Jon Stewart.
3:37 | 09/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trevor Noah's First Night Hosting 'The Daily Show'
Forward and assert the skinny this morning with a new era in late night TV The Daily Show moving on without Jon Stewart now upset with the highly anticipated debut of the show's new host covered Allah. I started the show with a monologue paying tribute to Seward and dove right in zoo the debate over comedy central's choosing him. As the successor. Turns out the Comedy Central did to us woman to host and the woman they Austin to job down. Because they'll have better things are doing killing you something I did and it's. Also widely given Americans a host and again coming central tried and those people also declined. A so once more a job Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant. Seem to followed a familiar daily show format news no I turned to the news headlines for months science politics and the Pope. Delivered some edginess but nobody truly in the cross hairs on the first night. Ailes doesn't really cared to carry out consumers towards declaring the war on BS it will continue and not the sports final at this. Yes it today said and not so great teams the reviews are a little bit harsh so and not so great ailing. This is first on its dispersal and give them a break now. But he's an except there was a dramatic night in the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars he should've seen him in. I hey Knight cinematic event. I hope I reality star Kim results the gag and her partner Tony they're forced to drop by the competition because society. Kim has severed a mini stroke last week in accordance with the rules. Since she couldn't dance because of medical reasons should be eliminated. She explained on Tuesday that her doctor wouldn't they heard why otherwise. She says that. Yeah OK so now to the challenge. This week preparing dance routines based on their favorite TV shows topping the leadership leadership board was Nick Carter and his partners garner. The parent while the judges would fare route Waltz to the beam from on down nabbing and earning a score of 36 out of court. Well thank you geekspeak. Good enough they could take you can't fight as well. Instead they say they were pleased and appreciate his tribute today I'm Stanley all partners defeat from elimination this week. It can't. With strong island teen age girls yeah the kid did really well I actually think he's great Centrino US being called the worst kept secret in all of spring he'll. Simpson's character it's matters coming out of the closet the show's executive producer Al Jean tells. TV line that smithers a super loyal assistant to mr. burns will make the big reveal on the show this season. Jean notes that most people in the town already known and that his sexual orientation but his boss it's still the secret. -- others will finally get fed up with mr. burns not appreciating him and we'll consider new options elsewhere. I also finally a possible hints for fans of the eighties cult classic at love it but don't use. One of the film stars this arguments people get last night talk about Sean Aston. Who played out Mikey in the in 1985 moved into took to FaceBook last night saying quote. I have always believed that there will be a good he sequel because Stephen Spielberg told me in 1988 that he wanted to make one. But haven't tried likened his face spoke a third and a couple shot a cup and the thing I'm confident if it added and get our reason to believe it in the works any just hopes it it's made sometime in his life time. A note to Hamas and don't drink and FaceBook. That is the exhibit good interviews that ends the book the.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"South African comedian Trevor Noah began his highly-anticipated debut on \"The Daily Show\" with a nod to Jon Stewart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34119849","title":"Trevor Noah's First Night Hosting 'The Daily Show'","url":"/WNN/video/trevor-noahs-night-hosting-daily-show-34119849"}