Troopers Lip Sync 'Summer Nights'

Four Indiana troopers lip sync to the Grease classic while patrolling a state fair in a golf cart.
2:53 | 08/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Troopers Lip Sync 'Summer Nights'
Lula who. Deer are getting into really just makes everything that area really does for four Indiana troopers they decided muted music would make. There last. Cart ride through the Indiana state fair who could play a letter to president in this lovely video lip syncing to beat Greece classic summer nights. So in the cement yeah. He's now become the. 08. So the last day of the Indiana state fair it say they want to have a little fun video out now create more than 140. I got it looks as if he had agreed to I don't. I don't tell the whole time they really meant to keep restraint and you have until the backup singers kicked in Winnipeg hit back up singer kicks and then this sort of cranking out live little. I just for Jerusalem it loggers like forty sort of like about the drug. I'm so there was this out an amazing pearl that is on sale right now it's worth about a hundred million dollars this Filipino fisherman discovered a ten years ago. Look at that well. He put the record breaking weeks the pearl on this plane. It has sat under his bed he didn't know that it was worth anything just to be assessed right how big that per elicits two and a half feet. Long. And out of and I do nick and apply here Gil Pope looked pretty. Anniversary can pick but it. Canadian about fanatic here at even in Connecticut cars like sap or else huge so. It's the biggest record breaking it's the biggest ever discovered and it's worth a hundred million and was discovered off the vote. Coast of the Philippines and this fisherman just. Get a payday it's usually it's like the book at pearl yes home. Believe he doesn't. By the same misfortune of the depicted lucrative pluralistic in the beginning part of the event. So you're going to college ray and often do you get into the gonna miss their parents their siblings their girlfriend or boyfriend lumber Jake history ASCII. He's gonna miss this and how could anyone so has decided it would be nice to give him a look totally bank Bethlehem and enough. So she made bids. The cardboard cut out. Of his job. Like says cardboard cut out that he is now going to bring to school with him that's kind of funny because that's kind of what we do when we miss Arnold yeah world news yeah let's look at. They are out rap as a go away. And sort of fits with this I have an effect but always here telling me how to read here tall yeah there's a poll over the Iraq. Very sorry club puts more money can't seeing now have giving out. It's let's let's scented Cologne bottles that smell like best extra crispy chicken.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Four Indiana troopers lip sync to the Grease classic while patrolling a state fair in a golf cart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41585479","title":"Troopers Lip Sync 'Summer Nights'","url":"/WNN/video/troopers-lip-sync-summer-nights-41585479"}