Tropical Storm Gordon slams the Gulf Coast

States of emergency remained in effect in three states as the now-deadly tropical storm packed sustained winds and heavy rains. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports.
2:38 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Gordon slams the Gulf Coast
Whether it's this 6 morning everybody on this Wednesday. We are gonna start with the breaking news and it is a big one the tropical storm Gordon slamming ashore on the Gulf Coast. And already turning deadly it made landfall near Pascagoula Mississippi and is now marching north west where it could dump as much as a foot of rain and this video just in to us from dolphin island. Alabama. Here and see those conditions are pretty bad out there. ABC's Maggie ruling begins our coverage from the storm zone he's across the border in Biloxi Mississippi Maggie. Banning Candace and making quiet out right now where this started off as a massive storm and authorities here in Biloxi were not taking any chances of even under a mandatory curfew overnight here in Biloxi they shut down casinos up and down the coast. But for now it seems like that the worst of this storm is over for us here in the go. Overnight a powerful tropical storm warnings limbs intermingled. Packing sustained winds topping seventy miles per hour heavy rains and potential her life threatening storm surges. The space station capturing Gordon as it gained strength before making landfall just west of the Mississippi Alabama border. You Pascagoula. CBC's ginger Zeke was there. I wouldn't let the wind and rain eccentric. And at that aren't the best I have yeah. Under the amplifying and wasn't that have been mobile I'm. The lopsided storms soaking everything east of center from Biloxi Mississippi to Pensacola Florida this man's windshield wipers. No match for them blinding rain and Theodore Alabama. On your mind Delfino hiring. AccuWeather green timber and battles fierce storm surge and coastal flooding. In Pensacola Gordon turned deadly authorities say a child was killed after a tree fell on his home during the storm. States of emergency remains in effect across Louisiana Mississippi and parts of Alabama. As tens of thousands of people are waking up this morning without electricity and the rain still pouring. Got all supplies that we need we got batteries flashlights all itself. This storm is fast moving as quickly as it hit us here overnight is are you started to move out of the area and now. The major concern is that as boarding moves north it's expected to start slowing down about the cause flash flooding for their handling. Banning Kennison fast moving in this case is a good thing we hope that part continues Maggie really thank you and we'll have more from AccuWeather in just a few minutes.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"States of emergency remained in effect in three states as the now-deadly tropical storm packed sustained winds and heavy rains. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57613501","title":"Tropical Storm Gordon slams the Gulf Coast","url":"/WNN/video/tropical-storm-gordon-slams-gulf-coast-57613501"}