Trump campaign files arbitration against Omarosa

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman says President Trump is trying to "silence" her. ABC News' Arlette Saenz reports.
2:23 | 08/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump campaign files arbitration against Omarosa
The intensifying feud between the president and Amoroso now saying that she won't be silenced or bully. And although rows of faces a legal action and scathing new insult she's released another recording this time. A campaign aides discussing the president's alleged use of meat and work. And his own Press Secretary can't say for sure the trunk never uttered that racial slur. It isn't our let's signs joins us now from Washington with more morning. Maggie and attendance and good morning the while they face stopped years ago in the boardroom on the apprentice. Now the very personal war of words between the president and on the road fat is turning into a legal fights. As the trump campaign pushes to keep her quiet Amoroso me in eagle humid is fighting back on The Daily Show. I had to cover my back. And document. What I saw as an opportunity to kind of blow the whistle on the lawn of the corruption going on in the White House. And on MSNBC. What is he trying to hide what is he afraid of if he hat and said anything that was derogatory or demeaning to African Americans and women. Why would he go to this extent to try to shut me she. Trump campaign lawyers allege armor Rocha violated her 2016 non disclosure agreement with the campaign I don't believe that I violated but I'm gonna leave that to the lawyers sent. It's sort that out. With Phil legal fight brewing president trump is on the attack. Calling his former aide a crazed crying low life. Adding good work by general Kelley for quickly firing that dog. Among her most explosive claims armor roses says there's a tape trump using the and word during his apprentice days. The president insists there are no tapes of him using such a terrible and disgusting word. Adding I don't have that word in my vocabulary and never have the White House was asked if they can guarantee there's no recording of the president used Indiana word. I can't guarantee he. Anything but I can tell you that the president address this question directly I can tell you that I've never heard it. A Marissa also claimed she was interviewed by the special counsel's office sources close to the White House tell ABC news the special counsel's team never reached out asking to speak with onerous while she worked at the White House she left that job in December so. Maggie attend if there's no telling if she was interviewed after that. Current plans for us in Washington thank you.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman says President Trump is trying to \"silence\" her. ABC News' Arlette Saenz reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57188909","title":"Trump campaign files arbitration against Omarosa","url":"/WNN/video/trump-campaign-files-arbitration-omarosa-57188909"}