Trump sells health care bill to Congress

The president urged GOP House members in a closed door meeting to vote to pass the American Health Care Act.
3:40 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Trump sells health care bill to Congress
And president Tran also has his hands fault trying his last ditch effort to push through the GOP's. Health care plan to lawmakers heard mistress mr. Trump's pitch during a closed door meeting. But some say included a threat. And now we're one day away from a possible vote that could change the nation's health care system Eddy seized during a Marshall joins us now. With the latest job as a very busy man at the moment. Very busy using a threat to and a smile and alerted pushes Health Care Reform. Telling members of they'd be fools not to support the bill cautioning a no vote could cost them in the mid terms. Still in his first 100 days though it could be the president's own legacy in jeopardy. The deal making president trying to close the deal that could define his presidency. These are the conservative. Solutions. We campaign done. And these are the conservative solutions the American. People. Asked us as a group to deliver president Donald Trump speaking last night to the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner. Calling the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act a campaign promise he must fulfill the house bill. And news the obamacare nightmare. And gives health care decisions back to the states and back to the American people. But the legislation's hitting roadblocks. After the Congressional Budget Office estimated if passed nearly fourteen million Americans would lose their health insurance next year. And in ten years roughly one in five Americans would be an insured. The president huddling on the hill Tuesday pushing you changes to the build to get more members on board. For conservatives provisions giving states more flexibility over Medicaid spending. Including the option to require recipients to show proof they are working to win over moderates a promise to boost aid for older Americans to buy insurance. Under the original bill a 64 year old earning 26000 dollars a year. With cedar annual premiums spite by nearly thirteen thousand dollars fish changes and not expected to change the CBO number of uninsured. And this morning a new study by the Commonwealth Fund. Leveling another blow comparing two states that implemented the a's DA Medicaid expansion with Q did did not. In New York in California the number of uninsured residents and the amount of medical debt significantly. Lower than in Florida and Texas. Where the expansion was not enacted. At least 22 Republicans on the house oppose or remain undecided. It was a good meeting good which still and a constant worry sporting out here don't oh right now given the changes don't know I'm still not an undecided thank you. That's enough to kill the bill. And the Senate's not looking at any more optimistic than senator Ted Cruz telling ABC's Mary Bruce I believe the house bill does not accomplished. The task in front of us this bill as drafted will not passed the united. The final vote to repeal obamacare comes tomorrow seven years to the day it was first signed into law. If Republicans aren't able to push this repeal and replace through Monday many wondering if tax reform another trump campaign promise can be done. Yesterday the margin representing the markets representing that fear taking their biggest a lot. Since trump was reluctant to now Eric now it has had and if they don't feel they have the vote. They won't put it up there. Now I mean that's the expected. Protocol I guess ill exactly you never know since the death this president and this kind and this congress had to be a critical 48 hours ahead the city's history to Marc seltzer in good to have you on thank you.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The president urged GOP House members in a closed door meeting to vote to pass the American Health Care Act.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46295322","title":"Trump sells health care bill to Congress","url":"/WNN/video/trump-sells-health-care-bill-congress-46295322"}