TSA Whistleblowers Speak Out

TSA workers claim security warnings are ignored and of retaliation against employees who speak up.
2:31 | 04/28/16

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Transcript for TSA Whistleblowers Speak Out
And that's shifting gears a little bit three TSA officials are now spilling the beans about a disturbing culture of fear and intimidation inside the agency. Yeah apparently that also includes poor leadership security warnings that were ignored and retaliation against employees who speak up. ABC's Lauren mr. joining us now with the details of this report in these hearings. Gag Candace and Diana one official compared the culture to the lord of the flying attack now being attacked. They know it's part of the house oversight committee's ongoing investigation and the agency. It's related to allegations of executive misconduct. For many the TSA is associated with pat downs and bag screenings. In the nation's capital Wednesday the agency's own baggage or spoken. At low morale lack of trust. And field leaders who were fearful to speak out. And for good reason. Three new day a high level TSA employees testifying accusing top brass at discrimination. Burying whistle blowers and racial profiling. One manager saying he reported sexual harassment. A senior leader telling him this. If she files a complaint. It's our word against hers and I said no I'm not gonna lie peace as well if you don't we can't work with you. Another official alleging bigotry in response to community outreach at mosques. My supervisor choose me going native. It's is disgusting. Bigoted. Term. These workers describing it TSA culture that put security at risk. Employers are less likely to report operational security or threat relevant issues that fear retaliation the TSA issuing a statement saying it takes seriously all allegations of inappropriate behavior by its employees at all levels he doesn't tolerate illegal unethical or immoral. Conduct. When it comes to specific allegations brought up in the hearing the TSA said it can't comment on many of them. Because of pending litigation that Candace and and the agency did seem to defend itself against to at least some of the complaints saying for example that employees are encouraged. To speak frankly. NEC evidence as security failures and attitude the investigation is still ongoing but have they given any sense of any sort of changes they're trying to implemented stop this from happening. Well look this is part of an investigation so I think we'll hear more once all of their findings are completed. This is part of a number of hearings a series that's part of a larger investigation so we'll hear more from employees and then GAAP hopefully gets results looking. Continues to be controversial agency the TSA the threat. I learned assists and a savvy with us everything we hear thank.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"TSA workers claim security warnings are ignored and of retaliation against employees who speak up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38729239","title":"TSA Whistleblowers Speak Out","url":"/WNN/video/tsa-whistleblowers-speak-38729239"}