Who Knows More About Tupperware Than Aunt Barbara?

Aunt Barbara shows off the big Tupperware items on sale for the holiday season.
7:14 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Who Knows More About Tupperware Than Aunt Barbara?
-- -- -- -- You. Welcome back it's getting to be that time once again for Gibson gathering by the -- and what better way to welcome the holidays. And with our favorite guest of all time I'm Barbara but today. And -- Did oh daddy and there he how to -- sit here and -- -- -- We get a little stressed out some time to actually you know you have to entertain you have gift giving to do so I brought them and I -- -- you. Jones -- zero or to save the date did NO BO. -- how I want it to look at that first. Tupperware is ultra pro and the these are revolutionary. Contain his knees go from the freezer or refrigerator until -- microwave oven to the -- Up to 482. Degrees -- -- sound like half the time and you can cook in half that time and contingent meaning that you can have -- -- several dishes in several different containers. The same time and -- the time most of that -- -- ever get to -- two months ago. A freeze pay and lasagna out different to the Michael waited the 7000 on to the tables are -- -- and next on is my favorite is you're talking not stress and chopping vegetables is the most yes no idea when we -- -- watch this. This is fantastic. The the Tupperware choppers are really revolutionary now want to see him look -- -- -- drop a few of your favorite little vegetables in here and -- -- he had a couple -- he got some broccoli got some county for Allah. Who knows what you've been -- -- -- looks like it's gonna take some time it does doesn't it now now now watch this. Take this look at this could take that they -- okay and you pulled the string -- us. Three. So -- cables and gotten out. I think is that and that person of any kind of -- of it works with any kind of vegetables you can put chicken and there you can put need to nail -- shut them up. We have a smaller when he for -- you can -- I got -- look at how -- -- how fast contaminants. Look. They've admitted Diana when you're done shopping we also have a whipping blades so you can whip with that is clamoring and more he's -- -- -- Take the blades out. And you can -- and CEO in one contain it because right into the refrigerate for all of my friends and family I'll be bringing the vegetables that you like shopping. And still hovering right there -- only with separates. Great but the easy and fun doesn't stop there -- -- tactic -- and let me ask you. Have you ever gone and boy -- -- those. Regular can't help but is that the food store and development group begins a little middle bond got 3COM inside of the can you start turning than what hands into -- -- -- So -- and then go. -- Map that can -- that. Grab this pool you do is screw. Nothing's happening on -- now what about that deal wait watch. Spread that okay. -- at look at the and high f.'s seal comes the. Endeavor and no sharp edges all -- -- -- that you're gonna save thousands of dollars in Benton yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if I wanted to I could probably eat the cranberries -- the F -- with Terry take the tablet with that -- never bring it right back to. Yeah. But we don't want you to do I well I am moving on to this which it. -- -- looking greater if you ask me. What happens she's going to do you have a problem it did force -- yes OK it's the traditional fourth -- greater. Is -- one -- -- use more than the other three. There's one thing that I only used yeah -- that's -- -- Why don't have a the other -- so some women use it as a pet now. What I don't look at it that with this deal you put it down the table as -- grate -- cheese you vegetables to chocolate. It all gets collected in here and didn't measure -- so it's neat it's clean and it's a wonderful way to protect to friends and family against home invasion. Well that's perfect exactly what we need during the holidays but we don't want you to go anywhere because -- -- can -- the rest of the table it's. Filled with things we still have to get to stay right where you are coming right back all the rest of the holiday good -- -- -- -- And we're back everyone with one of our favorite guests of all time same -- lower sales women on Barbara but today it's on to -- -- have you. -- picking up -- left off yanks could not even. Gigantic you're going to holiday party that's not a big gatherings at the family he sometimes to not quite sure what to bring that -- always -- chance -- -- -- Tupperware container they -- with a sweet treat. Bring it to the party and leave that for the gas the adults present -- -- that I that in each and every body wants some kind of Tupperware container and practical they can use -- all year loans -- threat is in the that they cannot question that everybody's asking -- think is what we -- -- became our own. It's any special or not where cancer really come -- -- I don't. Now they don't back listened with Tupperware and we have a topic tolling as soon and we have full of the Tupperware lunch products to children love. Black -- and look at the Disney Tompkins. How well he can handlers aren't that spring these part. Stockings stuffed as -- dominant and the perfect science for the little ones to you really -- yeah this is what's all this summer here. Hello TD into alliance that -- -- -- -- And -- that I. And did Disney tween fans this is excellent stuff for the kids are really you know they're gonna take to the septa doesn't processor that -- might and I and the only -- -- -- and remember when it comes to. All the sweets and all the Tupperware -- your local Tupperware represented can come to your Holloman demonstrate those products so. This is the type of thing that Tupperware hostesses -- when they have a party near the island area now have contacted -- Canadian -- in home demonstration today Nino watch just because it's something -- -- get for free as a -- doesn't mean that it's any less of equality of -- -- -- -- -- didn't get anything from the catalog is that you want when you opposed to putting. Not happy about something that a lot of people did -- -- you get to choose. I'm Barbara I have to ask everybody's always asking out Barbara what do we do to get to know -- Barbara to connected on -- here. On social media like nobody's business time on the Facebook on the face. And that's where and I have a website tell anybody where they can find he ran Barbara dot com and what a -- -- And I now Diana have a funny feeling a lot of people are going to -- reading you and they are going to be looking for you. And tell me what is the one thing out of everything that we -- here yet if I can't think of what to give my mom Marge somebody close to me -- -- -- what's the one thing that you would recommend from Tupperware he -- wig gives it at. Isn't perfect and exactly you are right on -- are on -- as usual think he's so much for coming of course we have more news coming.

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{"id":20872533,"title":"Who Knows More About Tupperware Than Aunt Barbara?","duration":"7:14","description":"Aunt Barbara shows off the big Tupperware items on sale for the holiday season.","url":"/WNN/video/tupperware-aunt-barbara-20872533","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}