The Right Way to Do Turkey Leftovers

Butterball expert Nicole Johnson with tips for dining on your Thanksgiving leftovers.
4:27 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for The Right Way to Do Turkey Leftovers
This Black Friday and you've heard plenty about shopping but did talk. The other favorite activity the day eating leftovers there's really no wrong way to do it but there's certainly a right way to do it and backing and help without his Nicole Johnson co director of butterball Turkey talk line thing to get. But he can't think you know now it's all about leftovers today but I am what I want to know is why are you guys opened the day after thanks to you don't believe it or not we do get a lot of phone calls about apparatus in Turkey I gain is just not. Primary for Thanksgiving to a debts and the when he had a butterball we are opening their Christmas C all in December well we have questions please feel free column that I might not be arraigned through phone OK good to know. What's the number one and but the best leftover rests can well here we have pulled Turkey sandwich. And you can just smell it from your committee ingredients in here. Really make this particular dish it's found at butterball dot com website a pain we also have a lot of recipes on our butterball cookbook plus gap. It's a free downloadable. It happen for the android as well as the apple product. But this particular raspy it smelled delicious they looked delicious they're easy to make. My four little fireballs at home loved the Isa would you recommend that you check this recipe out and it's just can't. Pulled Turkey sandwich has told Turkey's and I just smells amazing a look at first round trip he sandwich this fantastic but there's some tips about storing Turkish how long is too long to happen. Evers perfect we tell folks you know after the Turkey that the Alvin and you allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes you who aren't that need off the bones it ideally have that refrigerated Turkey in the loving our in the refrigerator. Rather within about two hours are lax how two hour two hours or less. Captured ten refrigerators had time to cool down in that she Al all. Container you wanna go ahead and tried to use those leftovers within about three days OK if it isn't within three days go ahead putting in airtight sealed container Harvey -- and Patton in the freezer one to two months is ideal blend it turns and he's well correct OK correct. And one a shallow pan. Well I am hey you know if not when you slicing off the bone. Turkey. In the slices can be somewhat dancing you want to make sure they at you don't have stacked two high otherwise doesn't allow for enough time to cool. And I. And that's where food safety perspective and it and in addition to the pool Turkey what are some other good ideas quick and easy you know and we're talking about this earlier at all of our lead OK yes. One favorite recipe that I have is Cotter pumpkin night Sunday. Want it's really funny actually isn't about Turkey go rate. No but it's it's in dish at comments Turkey and dessert OK the desert like you had your prepared pumpkin pie and you actually crumble up the pumping Ky W at some scoop Salmonella. Some syrup and some chocolate chips it's five easy ingredients and my kids love to make as that's fantastic and it's zero calories right. Well now so much but it delicious natively. And what would you say when you're talking about leftovers. Nation it's kind of bad etiquette to take Turkey home break if you're hosting. Thing keep leftovers are well it's a great question so lax plans also call in advance and want to know what kind of Turkey what's I turned to purchase in order to allow for adequate lap number sorry Clinton Panetta as we recommend a pound to a pound on behalf of Turkey. A parent can't really allowing for generous slapped over. Now my times help people say you know a lot of nice company a lot of my friends and the only thing really loved the breast area gasoline yes and didn't actually purchased just a boneless or bone in breast in addition to a whole Turkey. For a lack times you just have folks that like the drums stakes. Yeah just like the wings and a gain of butterball sell them ingest parts just part so if your family loves the wings you can get hurt us tonight until we absolutely can't as a little thinking about absolutely yeah. And one final tip. About leftovers if there's one thing to keep in mind I think most people forget what would've you know and just keep in mind get if he had any question whether it's about leftovers food safety preparation you can always been just a 1800 butterball 1802888372. You can also visit us at butterball that time we get things bald. Twitter contreras slide chapters in many ways in which you can reach us share sounds fantastic one accord Johnson from butterball thanks again enjoying the happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving to two stay with us your question running back.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Butterball expert Nicole Johnson with tips for dining on your Thanksgiving leftovers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27232089","title":"The Right Way to Do Turkey Leftovers","url":"/WNN/video/turkey-leftovers-27232089"}