Twerking Takes a Classical Turn

A South Korean group's modern-day twerking is set to classical music.
2:59 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for Twerking Takes a Classical Turn
All right next time. If you watched last week we showed you this video viral video by American greetings card company and it was like kind of like a little trick video what's gone viral what you watch it and they described the world's toughest job any interviewed people in the talk about all these horrendous conditions. And the punch line is at the end. It's a -- that's right well and can to get a break. It's way and it never ends you don't get out -- I'm all these horrendous things and guess what it's mom well Budweiser wasted no time jumping on the bandwagon coming up the parody video -- About what it is to be a dad so some of these ridiculously movie dead fish. -- But but -- can't get its restaurants intent. Couldn't keep all of us for getting things -- you're -- -- told them. Perfect do you believe we're millions of people didn't grow. -- -- -- -- you can close your -- just can't sleep but who can really tell and he forgets it immediately after -- I'm master. -- this. I think everybody all the men in the -- -- -- -- businesses come at me and take personal like yeah and mailed it. Anyway the original mom video which is really cool check -- -- -- haven't -- if that's gotten 313 point eight million views for their relatives and it got that many businesses featured on the show. Obviously. Hey check this out if you've ever wondered why and in. -- would look like -- -- classical music or if you wanted to find a way to get your man to -- courageous and classical music we have just the video for -- Check out. In case you don't recognize then continued overnight. Advantages of that red -- last thing they decided to film the girls from the South Korean way yet network giving their interpretation of them. Timeless classic wearing minimal clothing obviously. It was a very elegant and yes dignified. Conditions of the war you think so yes bring it on what the British arts yes if I didn't notice. That's pretty much. This is cool with the new video that's out there I get a lot of pledges from Ontario Canada Centre right up. -- Police around 5 o'clock the other day saying that the mariner Alex. But and I said -- a lot of -- they got the bucket -- they'll relocate the bear bullets -- This really quickly apparent really hot dogs is going to introduce some vegetable flavor ice cream its only defense you have to -- -- -- It's going to it's -- Tomato. Orange and -- actually didn't try to go with the orange cap it sounds strange really like this might be good right I think you. -- tomatoes and fruits than.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"A South Korean group's modern-day twerking is set to classical music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23403343","title":"Twerking Takes a Classical Turn","url":"/WNN/video/twerking-takes-classical-turn-23403343"}