Undocumented immigrant found not guilty in murder

An undocumented immigrant has been acquitted in the shooting death of Kate Steinle in what had become a highly politicized case. ABC News' Diane Macedo reports.
2:41 | 12/01/17

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Transcript for Undocumented immigrant found not guilty in murder
We begin this morning with that agonizing not guilty verdict for the Fam leave case Donnelly. Undocumented immigrant Jose Inez Garcia Zarate admits to shooting is finally on a same for Cisco pier two years ago. The says the gun went off. By accident Kate Stanley's father says his family as sad and by the verdict he called it a case of justice rendered but not served. After more than two painful years for Kate Stanley Stanley a verdict many did not expect. Jose Garcia's Iraq Dave found not guilty in the shooting death of the 32 year old on the San Francisco pier in July 2015. We believe the verdict it is. A correct and accurate reflection of the lot and what happened. Garcia Zarate maintained his innocence saying he found the gun under a chair on the pier and when he examined it it accidentally fired. The bullet ricocheted hitting Stanley as she walked with her father about ninety feet away. But RCMR rocky was in the country illegally after being deported five times and had multiple felony convictions. Weeks before the incident he was awaiting a six deportation when the San Francisco sheriff's department released him instead from day one. This case was used. As a means to foment. Hate. During a presidential campaign then candidate Donald Trump used a case to promote his border wall and a crackdown on so called Sanctuary Cities. We are going to build a wall and we're going to stop their drugs. Again. News and the violence from flooring and Dick Colorado. And from glory in. And our country. We're going to shut down this Sanctuary Cities that have led. That prevented a boat that. So slow. Cases like gates diamond merited in Sanford says by a five time deported. Illegal immigrant. Overnight president trumped waited a disgraceful verdict indicates stymie case no wonder the people of our country are so angry with illegal immigration. Attorney general Jeff Sessions reacted to the verdict reading in a statement that cars used to wrap they would not have been on the Streets of San Francisco if the city simply honored an iced container. Adding the Department of Justice will continue to ensure that all jurisdictions place the safety and security of their communities above the convenience of criminal aliens. Who will respect. That decision this really is about the standards and we they've shown incredible resolve during this whole process. And our hearts go out to him. Garcia's or update was found guilty of possessing a firearm he's now waiting to be sentenced but the case isn't over yet the Justice Department says it could now pursue. Federal charges against him.

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{"id":51506968,"title":"Undocumented immigrant found not guilty in murder","duration":"2:41","description":"An undocumented immigrant has been acquitted in the shooting death of Kate Steinle in what had become a highly politicized case. ABC News' Diane Macedo reports.","url":"/WNN/video/undocumented-immigrant-found-guilty-murder-51506968","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}