Unique travel gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, gives us a crash course on all the latest on-the-go gear.
4:15 | 04/18/17

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Transcript for Unique travel gadgets
We are gearing up for the summer travel season and begins the winds Dick DeBartolo is here to help make your trip a little bit easier with some very unique gadgets take thanks for joining us what do you have today we're well. I'm OK Smartphone with a brand new Smartphone from LG the G six so it's a Smart phone that does everything is Smart phone. Is expected to do this who needs fourteen military specs put on the back. There are actually three cameras on the phone wow this forward facing go a kind of wide angle for self these but in the back. There are two totally distinct thirteen megapixel cameras or show you picture I took the day I got the camera. So there's a sunset on Riverside Drive the national standing in the same location I just ran my finger across. To the second camera. And now I have a really wide angle view. So it's really need especially when you're traveling you wanna get museums in and buildings in and of course you have cats healthy and he had. You have to keep what it's sitting on his kind. I need this is the power bank. Staying. So this can hold pretty much any tablet any phone. And you can Lockett in the position you want their little locks cruise on the saw it but if Jarno long airplane trip and you're afraid you're gonna run out of power. Take this little cable run it from the USB. Ports here there's a 101400. Million battery in here. So you can watch movies from he'd probably go around the world thought maybe not four and also there's a little built in. Indicated tell you how much battery power there is and if you hold that buttoned down he end up with a little flash. I need this in my life because my phone is always running out of battery all always as it seeks to can't come everywhere with this is the U. But a lot of battery pal here if you're one of those people who like to sleep with a mechanical noise I do. This is he from electro fanned the might grow when we just hits a little on but here so this is so you can have. Air conditioning sound you pick astound you want me as a volume control if you want to face it toward where you are the little speaker slides off. And locks into place. There ought ten different sounds he to pick from. Bought this also is Bluetooth. So on a trip you can send your music from you phoned into that. That's her critics even get kids in use though white noise machine for them anyway this is just a smaller us merlot and exactly it's great. Now if you're going globally this is their big version so this is USB powered. This went by the way has a built in battery city can go sixteen now without an impala. This one is US being. Comes with the AC plug but it comes with adapt is on the matter where you go. You can power OK that's also lecture of fan this is neat. When you trying keep track of winning you take your pills. You're traveling in you losing track of it. These are called timer caps. Now this'll time a cap on working here it was 48 minutes inside opened it so now we can make believe it's as four hours so I opened it. I'm gonna take my tail. The time a camp is now blank. I take my pill I put the time the cap back on. Okay and now it's counting off seconds and will keep counting up until you old. Again that's great give jet lag for you that's exactly how final it. What if it looks nondescript but I think it had really good meeting. It's really great fun it's on the fifteen bucks it is the airplane ham it. Okay for your feet. So you open the snack tray you put this on the snack tray and you adjusted so that you're either you can't simmering you or your feet are on here and then you have a little bit of relaxation on a long flight. Here is cozy as he can be on an airplane very cool contraptions begins with the Dixie DeBartolo thank you so much for joining us heard it okay you can find all the details on Dick's website is live dot net and on our website WNN fans dot com. You're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, gives us a crash course on all the latest on-the-go gear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46857130","title":"Unique travel gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/unique-travel-gadgets-46857130"}