Unleash Your Inner Athlete

ABC's Nikki Battiste tries one of the most challenging new workouts around.
2:44 | 06/23/15

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Transcript for Unleash Your Inner Athlete
Okay we're trying to work out few pounds before heading to the beach are the pool except for ten seasons at JF. But. But next workout might actually snacks were kept my interest it promises to unleash your inner athlete and it saudis ABC's Nickie Batiste was brave enough to enter the phone house. Try this grueling work out. Imagine training for the Olympics and he might have an inkling of what can still really. Tired and talk only in seen worked out feels like. Well and. Darkly lit fitness hot spot he's tone house and it is torture. Founder Omar until Wilson is a former college athlete with a simple philosophy. Your entire body moving and films. If you. We are. Is this your body would be using your body in different ways that you have used before. Just a warm up series of hurdles birdies and springs is a reality check it's best to leave your ego at the door. Why has America. And that's a hormone. There are no resistance force and ropes to challenge youth group he cycles are neat. Faircloth mountain climbers and sit ups you people are coming for the first time and. Stopped in the hands of what the thing is they they do you charter we we have a system where we go we try to you know we've called save. He says this hourlong killer class converged on the housing calories and senseless aren't actually lost fifty pounds. Fifty pound the act and hadn't seen your body change your muscles get worse. Absolutely yeah I mean the biggest thing is the outlook yet again. Historic. There's not take it now. The motto here get comfortable being uncomfortable. Today. You're coming my leg shaking and gasping for air clears whom else is tough. I've been dying to ask if Oliver Platt pads here ads that have hooked. Well. Two we're by critics like an eighteen pack dog. Do you tell announces that's not an advertisement. We keep its he's. ABC news New York. Well and get a room well how to get engaged. I I have angina just looking at bat and I just when it why America out why would you do this seems. I don't know if that was a report or just how. Her excuse for tendered its you know going to what are the you know I should say Nikki did say this like the toughest work out and that's as autistic he was a division one college. Field hockey players though it is remembered for fun and I'll stick them.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"ABC's Nikki Battiste tries one of the most challenging new workouts around.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31959045","title":"Unleash Your Inner Athlete","url":"/WNN/video/unleash-athlete-31959045"}