US death toll nears 100,000

Many people who came out to celebrate the holiday weekend did not follow social distancing guidelines. ABC News' Andrea Fujii reports.
3:25 | 05/25/20

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Transcript for US death toll nears 100,000
This morning new images of crowds coming out in droves for the holiday weekend and many people not following social distancing guidelines. In Southern California a popular hiking trail forced to close after large crowds showed up. In Ocean City, Maryland thousands flocked to the boardwalk some unmasked really crowded. As beautiful out. Notes on and it may come on at the Jersey Shore rough surf in clouds made for an unappealing beach day. But on the boardwalk Sunday night business owners said it felt like a holiday especially as far as crowds go it's. His name known how many people are out here today and I expect this at all or began as we went to Atlantic City and it was like. Dead city nobody out we came home hero like wow. This pool party in Missouri's lake of the Ozarks hacked to the brim. Aerial images from Florida showing people swarming Daytona Beach keep people out that sucker. Ought. Police referring to the scene as a gauntlet to this type of behavior is unacceptable. We want people commodore city just dropping our city and outside this water park long lines of people crammed together waiting to Gideon. But right now I'm completely frightened. Like brightened. As you can see him. Nobody is social distancing. Her home. Many churches also reopened their doors on Sunday and Alabama upper room Baptist Church held their first service in eight weeks. Congregants sitting apart Dublin. But deacons and a agreed that we felt like that we can do this this safely. And that it was a good than it was the right thing to dig. New Hampshire the diocese of Manchester held communion in some churches parishioners socially distanced increased sanitizing their hands after serving each person. But reopening our and a relaxing of restrictions runs there brisk of new infections. At least eight states seen an increase in new reported cases. In Santa Cruz county California Mother's Day celebrations may have contributed to a 20% spike in cases there. And in Arkansas. Authorities say a high school pool party led to a second spike in the state in Missouri health officials say a pair of hair stylists returned to work with cold and symptoms. And it now tested positive. Potentially exposing more than 140 customers to the virus. I'm going to be honest with you. We can't have many more cities and this morning with new cases declining in New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced professional sports can begin spring training. And major sports teams can reopen without fans. Las Vegas casino set to reopen June 4. But it won't be business as usual casinos were disinfecting dice retooling card games and slot machines to promote social distancing. Whether it's in the hotel the gaming floor food and beverage. And they're gonna see a lot of hands sanitized. Ending Kentucky an unforgettable and to this unprecedented school year. Latin county high school's class of 22 when he got to take their own cars for a few laps Kentucky's speedway. Most of the country has seen a dramatic decline in cases but there has been an opt take in some areas. Doctor Deborah Burke from the White House corona virus task force says that could be due to increased testing and high risk creases. Like nursing homes. Trevor Mona. Andrea thank you for that report.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Many people who came out to celebrate the holiday weekend did not follow social distancing guidelines. ABC News' Andrea Fujii reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70866001","title":"US death toll nears 100,000","url":"/WNN/video/us-death-toll-nears-100000-70866001"}