US Open ballperson tryouts

Think you've got what it takes to a U.S. Open ballperson? ABC News' Will Ganss hit the courts to see if he can ace the audition.
3:52 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for US Open ballperson tryouts
About Oberlin is behind us all eyes are on the next big tennis Fries the US open beginning next month and the players aren't the only ones getting into shape for that her. Turning guys I was and I will damn about it. The Billie Jean King tennis center in Queens for some kind of try out of another kind of warning well good morning you guys good morning to all of you that's right I went out to the courts for the legends have played Serena Federer Djokovic. All to see if I have what it takes to be one of the greatest tennis ball persons of all time. To be the Serena Williams of the culprits in world. You gotta serve up some agility. Some subtlety. What are you looking for. To make a top notch off. When we see someone earnestly running after a fall as best they can to get the ball to the players that they can continue playing that's. You really have to want to do it and I want it to you. We'll. Eye of the tiger baby the 998. 8991000. Low. I'm ready for this I just in case they give any extra points for style. Build. If you are drawing attention to yourself something has gone and it's my Foltz. One final crash course sees steady hand behind your back. I'm benefit of all them that you're gonna run when his and that if it goes further than us underlying go to that side if it's in here you can come right back there but got. A guy in a once you get it. You're gonna get down as low as you can and roll it down. Time to see if I could taste this side these. Kennedy and first. How does athleticism factor into being a good offers pulling obviously athletes. Did you get that early recording could get I don't get very often think you immediately made some very clever choices out there exit you. Knew what direction to go into it was pretty instinctive which is way. Well maybe not all. Now yeah on the podium we'll famous. Her whole life and but did all that training pay off. Fax plus one other commitments and easy isn't even pay. I'll hold off on a scale of one to ten where would you rate. I think that it's being hand eye coordination and stay very focused tonight right. Collins that's I'm. There in the. I'll take it but what about the fact that I slipped in makes my eyes pop that's not important. One thing not up for consideration. The difficulty being a top notch culprits. It takes a lot of focus and sweat sir the pros are working hard but so are those bulky. The we sure we're working hard you can watch all the US open action players and Bob persons an assortment gets underway in Queens an odd a lot.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Think you've got what it takes to a U.S. Open ballperson? ABC News' Will Ganss hit the courts to see if he can ace the audition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64335502","title":"US Open ballperson tryouts","url":"/WNN/video/us-open-ballperson-tryouts-64335502"}