Vaccines and rare heart issue

A CDC panel found a likely link between the C and a rare heart inflammation in younger people. ABC News' Ike Ejiochi reports.
1:49 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for Vaccines and rare heart issue
This morning 34 year old Colina Anderson of Springfield Missouri with a warning about the corona virus this is not up for ZX. It's it's it's not winery. She's been battling carpet for the past ten days. Inside one of the many Missouri hospitals currently searching would you come of the patients repeat order so it's like where are reported arts. The more contagious built a variant is now in at least 48 states making up nearly half of all infections across parts of the west and midwest. This morning a cluster of seventy new cases of the delta variant found in the Nevada town the cases are people all under sixteen and unvaccinated. We've been seeing much younger. Patients needing. Management within the hospital arms some as young as their late teens and their twining his in my thirties and unfortunately. All of those unvaccinated and very sick. 34% of adults ages eighteen to 24 I've been vaccinated. The same group that's currently exhibiting one of the highest rates of infection and now a new report from the CDC panel. Fighting a likely association between the fires are no during a vaccines. And a rare mostly mild heart inflammation in younger people. Out of more than 26 million doses given to young people the CDC confirming 323. Cases of the condition after getting a vaccine. Mostly males still. Experts say the benefits of getting a shot far outweigh the risks. Getting cold it is for more risky than having the vaccine because the heart failure that we see longer term from colon infection can be. More more more severe. Now CDC working group found there isn't enough evidence right now to recommend getting booster shots but. That could change as more data emerges Andrew. I thank you.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"A CDC panel found a likely link between the C and a rare heart inflammation in younger people. ABC News' Ike Ejiochi reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78460924","title":"Vaccines and rare heart issue","url":"/WNN/video/vaccines-rare-heart-issue-78460924"}