Vatican holds summit on child sex abuse

Hundreds of bishops have gathered in Rome for meetings aimed to protect children and handle abusive priests. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.
1:35 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for Vatican holds summit on child sex abuse
Turning overseas trip Vatican is hosting a historic summit to address child sex abuse in the Catholic Church bishops from across the go over descending on Rome for four days of meetings and workshops aimed at protecting children. In dealing with abusive priests and the survivors are there are two here's ABC's Brett Melky. It's right at this is an unprecedented gathering a reckoning years in the making hundreds of bishops gathered in Rome this morning. To do stunning critics have been calling for for years to address sexual abuse by priests. Scandals become a singular challenge for Pope Francis and his challenge this week will be not just convincing bishops to care but convincing them to come up with effective protocols but they can actually follow. ABC's David Wright is in Rome right now when he told me what's really remarkable. Is the number of victims that have arrived. Bret one of the really interest and things that we're saying now is that every different. Variety. Of sexual abuse. Victims are coming to before they want to get their message heard so we've heard a lot about the altar boys who were. Molested by priests in the past. You know now. They have been nuns who've come forward and say that they've been sexually abused urban children. Priests David also told me there's a generational divide here younger bishops who he obeyed among this crisis peaked quarterly get the gravity but he said some older clergy have. Have had to be reminded. They should meet with survivors. In their own areas. While have a lot more on this historic conference later this morning on start here listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app. Today Kenneth. Thank you brightest or conference and the.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"Hundreds of bishops have gathered in Rome for meetings aimed to protect children and handle abusive priests. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61207581","title":"Vatican holds summit on child sex abuse","url":"/WNN/video/vatican-holds-summit-child-sex-abuse-61207581"}