Vigil held for 20 people killed in limousine crash

The small limo company has been told to cease operations while officials investigate its history. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports.
2:31 | 10/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vigil held for 20 people killed in limousine crash
For Brett with the new details about this deadly limo crash near Albany, New York a lawyer for the limo company is now claiming the vehicle was safe to be on the road. At the investigation into the crash gains steam the twenty victims and their families were honored at a candlelight vigil ABC's MacKey ruby was there. Herman saying zinni isn't. Saying. A vigil Monday night for the twenty souls lost on Saturday. My heart breaks it may think that all of the lies that there are welcome this thing. The investigation into the horrific crash now concentrating on the vehicle its driver and a small company called Christie's limousine and its checkered history. New York's Governor Cuomo pointing out several red flags the driver was not properly licensed. The limo failed inspection just a month ago and the company has been told to cease operations for now. The terms of the vehicle we know that it had been inspected and past sisters of state inspections over the past couple months. And it Wallace's six to be on the road I know that there are a couple technical failures over the past. Couple weeks into the windshield wiper fluid might not have been filled in the invests here looked at the car. But in terms of the it's this safety at the vehicle we know that had been inspected it and it had passed. The NTSB and state police investigating trying to piece together the reason why the 2001 stretched Ford Excursion blew through a stop sign at a T intersection. Impacting was such forced the engine block ended up in the driver's compartment with duke signs of skid marks. Want to point out that the like like today and yesterday on Saturday it was misting damn broad could perhaps. Mitigate any skid marks inspectors examining the mingled win those data recorders. Mechanical systems as well does the road itself which has a history as a dangerous spot. Colossal look into the driver's record conducting an autopsy to see if drugs or alcohol were factors. We'll determine if there's any criminal criminal culpability on the part of anyone. If there is a hold accountable for it. That limo filled to capacity with friends and family on their way to the thirtieth birthday party. The youngest of four sisters Amy Steen berg who also just got married all four sisters along with three of their husbands killed in the crash. Maggie really ABC news New York. The owner of limo company was an FBI informant years ago after being arrested for helping immigrants cheat on driver's test while he worked for the DMV. That helped him avoid a fraud charge and possible deportation to Pakistan.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"The small limo company has been told to cease operations while officials investigate its history. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58378324","title":"Vigil held for 20 people killed in limousine crash","url":"/WNN/video/vigil-held-20-people-killed-limousine-crash-58378324"}