Warner Bros. Confirms Ben Affleck Will Direct Next Batman Movie

The Oscar award-winning actor is set to the star and direct the next stand-alone Batman movie.
4:21 | 04/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warner Bros. Confirms Ben Affleck Will Direct Next Batman Movie
And its union. Cigarette companies of Los all of those counts it where candidates get it right after talking about an overweight very dug the skinny overeat Doug. Well time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this morning Ben Affleck it's next challenge. Warner Bros. has confirmed that it is moving forward with the Oscar winner's stand alone Batman movie which app. Less well not only star in. But he'll also direct OK so the new Batman movie is one of ten DC comics movies that Warner plans to release over the next five years the first movie to feature Affleck as the caped crusader Batman vs Superman Don of justice had a 166. Million dollar opening weekend we should also caveat that it had a 60% drop off in the second weekend didn't do so great after apple that side have you seen. I have not seen it now I'm waiting for it to get and I this express mailed to dvd yeah I'd check that hold drop off thing at the senate may be issuing yet. But McDonough on where better to do like what I do like athletics him and he's good director. And out through a less than groundbreaking mission from Keith Richards in the semi two year old Rolling Stones rocker. Has broken its silence about what's really behind his colorful wardrobe. They're not all his clothes apparently. And he can go to thrift sales store for it in fact he admits the vast majority disclosed that he swiped out of the closets of his wife. And daughters over the years. Way to do it. Richard was apparently complaining that his wardrobe was rated for the band's first ever major exhibition called exit mission is emblems at a gallery in southwest London. He says he's still wears those things they're not history there his clothes there is close. That the mind by the way you do not art come on don't get an idea. You do with a gender Bender thing. I asked its order wrote in my head I can hit I would have shot issue going on right now you that would be. And I used it honestly think that a fat joke. Bin percent to Vincent the next to something that Harrison Ford will definitely not be wearing ever again. He has auctioned off his distressed leather Han Solo jacket the one he wore in the latest Star Wars movie the force awakens. It went for 191000. Dollars. And Harris and fort promptly handed all that money over to charity doesn't sport a alert blessing he won't be wearing it ever again. I mean that's because he options. OK hurt so if Mike Cameron again in this out of her habit of it yet someone else now on that. Yes it's gone the gift will benefit epilepsy research which his 25 year old daughter George and also his second wife. The late Melissa Matheson had suffered years of health scares and seizures before finally being diagnosed. More than fifty people bid on the jacket which started at just 151000. Dollars they found all going to the cost. Good deal and finally there's a lot of puppy love to go around this morning for one of our own world news now a lump. Anderson Cooper legend around here has shared this touching cultural and Inkster Graham it is katic you all. He. It is of Andy cuddling his new puppy Lilly the caption reads my dog Molly passed away a few months ago this week and Louie showed up. He's a Welsh Springer Spaniel and he hash tag did the rainbow comes and goes. The post comes just seven months after the death of his eleven year old dog Molly Shi was also a lot springer spaniel. Our warmest wish the course and Anderson and his new little girl. It's very cute now I want a puppy. I do well when this will be ever rabbit get until fracas that. Have been credits attack but these urgent the other we're now oh of this attack Kravitz no one attacked anyone they're all gonna get along just fine I'm gonna have all of them. Okay they we'll see how that works out in coming up house expertise. Diane dances. The thriller that business to me that it could effect currently two estimated you're you're thriller roofs. I don't know we're talking about the zombie apocalypse. Yeah Aaron the practice I'll have to go activity and a bit before we go to the commercial break seeded Hewitt Rick. And boom boom you know you know I really Carolina.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The Oscar award-winning actor is set to the star and direct the next stand-alone Batman movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38356029","title":"Warner Bros. Confirms Ben Affleck Will Direct Next Batman Movie ","url":"/WNN/video/warner-bros-confirms-ben-affleck-direct-batman-movie-38356029"}