Website Ranks 'Worst Toys' for Christmas includes Dino Poop, Baby Alive on this year's list.
2:57 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Website Ranks 'Worst Toys' for Christmas
-- -- holiday themed mixed today appropriate for this Christmas Eve story out of this little story from the Daily Mail -- about what's good. If you don't ask you don't get admit this and more on their wives and girlfriends -- Christmas if you tell them what to buy sell at a recent study on women's attitudes to luxury gift. -- men were directly affected by the partners. Attitude is spending so the more prudent and a woman claiming to be. The lesser partner was likely to spend all -- -- when choosing. Yet so basic he -- an expensive he needn't tell us hey I want. -- -- -- -- What that car went that whatever I want to -- I don't want to honor you say look I think this is good guess what you believe this is live show that you that you -- yeah. Highlight is yeah. Even after this that existence let you know. There along -- that that there are shopping -- Eileen we have a top ten list according to -- at the beach cat dot com of the toys parents do not like we're gonna give -- the top three of the top ten hits hundreds of times this one's ridiculous that. Really you when you thumb wrestling arena he -- -- it is about the area apparently you are getting that this Christmas let's go to -- yeah. Did -- did we get to die group behind over the whom make an informant mulled it knew what they want that yeah. Literally green mustard supposed to be the excrement covered mixed Baghdad growers say yes I think I -- -- -- -- that. Player that'll let everything the other sisters are. OK let's go to number thirty something else that goes apparently this is the baby alive what -- -- -- and we say do for a reason because when you -- She also blues and you get to -- with us once after veteran Robert Stevens got stung. -- -- -- -- Those crappy gifts -- also here this is funny about this is great in the survey in Britain said. Parents and give the loss topped the list of the most dreading Christmas yelled yes but the female hosts a mother -- all -- in first place me -- The most -- President -- says the -- expect permit him. Family to provide entertainment around the dinner table so Roberts problems and grandfather was sent to me more of the highly anticipated guess who they bring some celebrities and entertainment to the bitter mother -- the mother on the right side. Not so much stress floods your mom I tell you that right now let me get a holiday and -- -- -- -- And finally this in the -- all of Christmas cards are always good there's two Christmas cards coming note from -- in the US ambassador. -- Finland look at this lovely one but then this is -- wanna go without formally then there's this watch. Welcome to the gun show he actually setting -- Hello to his friends if you're -- -- that he -- we'll just take up the. -- church gospel acts like I don't. And -- -- as you're advocating full nudity and Christine. -- -- -- -- More she showed off -- total war. -- -- -- -- And operated a -- again if you have a. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18056396,"title":"Website Ranks 'Worst Toys' for Christmas","duration":"2:57","description":" includes Dino Poop, Baby Alive on this year's list.","url":"/WNN/video/website-ranks-worst-toys-christmas-18056396","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}