Weekend Rewind: Government shutdown

Take a look at the top stories that made headlines over the weekend, including the stalemated immigration debate that shut down the U.S. government.
2:55 | 01/22/18

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Transcript for Weekend Rewind: Government shutdown
Are so what do we can the government shut down and then stayed shut down the woman's march of course swept through the country. And dozens of cities plus. The late night shows had a different take on president trumps fitness now here's our weekend to re why. Congress and the White House fail at basic toughening the blame game in high gear. Visitors turned away from the statue of liberty limited staffing at national parks across the country. The in my arrests are also feeling the effects just fascinating timing just if you like Tony can't go. When these are relatively good news that the shutdown will not impact the CDC's. Flu program bad news is that the new numbers indicate the flu epidemic is actually getting worse with more children dying because there's literally one hit him with the box. And next to its knees justice and hydrogen bomb it is now. One year ago this week in that first women's march in large part against the president that's all rallies across the country. Today hundreds of thousands of women marched against it. Every single day yeah and as an American citizen. Is not. All right us. It's just I don't know why it's and heavy handed. You'll the president tweeting about his success. Celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that is taking place. The table secretary Larry we are here. We have currently exist and we are now going anywhere and it's your turn to listen to mean they no longer and thank them Imus and I backed. The Chicago woman known as the serial stole away 66 year old Maryland apartment was able to stick onto a flight at Chicago's O'Hare airport. And make it all the way to London without a ticket and boarding pass or passport department has been caught trying to stick on the flights before and various cities going on for years. Once again. This is the president unbiased 100% accurate health assessment. At the time of examination the president was 71 years and seven months young. It's resting heart rate was a cool 68 BP M. Is wait a very svelte 230 not pounds. He has a gorgeous 44 its Coke bottle waste. It's not the seven to five inches with legs that. We seem to go on forever. The critically at the kind of didn't sound like that in some case. They bring good news this is tightly shut down panda cam is still lives. It's a lot came from nationals is that the present arms. This is ABC's world news now. Informing insomnia expert two decades.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Take a look at the top stories that made headlines over the weekend, including the stalemated immigration debate that shut down the U.S. government. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52517046","title":"Weekend Rewind: Government shutdown","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-government-shutdown-52517046"}