Weekend Rewind: McCabe firing

Take a look at the top stories that made headlines over the weekend, including the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
2:56 | 03/19/18

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Transcript for Weekend Rewind: McCabe firing
Black panther has done it again winning over tomb rader at the box office making it the first movie since avatar to take that top spot. For five consecutive weeks. It is on a roll but that's not all that happened on this saint patty's day weekend. Check it all out now and are we can rewind. Boy and a star here with the story that broke overnight the man who was until recently the number two. At the FBI fired Andrew McCain he is now out just days before his pension was gonna kick him we do think that it is well documented that he has had some very troubling behavior. And by most accounts a bad actor and should have some cause for concern after the firing of secretary of state Rex Tillerson. National security advisor HR McMaster VA secretary David shall king. And Hud secretary Ben Carson are all is said to be on the knots just. Gregory on you're the CEO of Exxon. The fifty billion dollar company and the next day you get fired by a man who used to sell stakes in the Mayo this. President trumps legal team making moves in the case of porn star stormy Daniels who was allegedly. Paid not to speak publicly about an affair with Tom before he was president of this group. In doubt in a very create. Very nasty contentious port matter where Darryl truck would be forced to hear testimony under oath in a deposition. We're gonna Miami now where emergency crews digging through the wreckage of that collapsed pedestrian bridge now say. That they have recovered all six victims our primary focus. Does remove all of the cars and all of the victims. And a dignified manner. Not that dangerous high speed chase through local streets all captured on police dash cam and body can't the good some merit in getting involved I don't know her pick of the thanks again on in the front of their car and here's a police and hear all these kids come out of the clown car runners. It's a terrifying moment. Watches ski resort posthumous malfunctioning here. Critics keep more in the country of Georgia to lift running berth in place to speed on a collision with Ryder. Yeah I rich. We're just why hate and violence. I have the saint patty's place for you. New York's hottest Irish club is off to church mark. Error. Upon making return there are a lot of people out and saint patty's day form of all yeah city and what do you mean by form. To some stumbling and a sign up segregating. The deaths it was a good weekend for everybody could form. Cities for this half hour.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Take a look at the top stories that made headlines over the weekend, including the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53845426","title":"Weekend Rewind: McCabe firing","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-mccabe-firing-53845426"}