Weekend Rewind: Stabbings in Paris

Take a look at the top news stories that happened over the weekend, including the stabbings in Paris.
2:33 | 05/14/18

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Transcript for Weekend Rewind: Stabbings in Paris
Well welcome to Monday we've made it to Monday and in case you can catch and he is this weekend here's a bit that the capture of from a deadly attack overseas to an apology here at home. Check out your weekend replied. Deadly attack in Paris on May end up or with a knife triggering fear and chaos on the streets. Tonight horror in the center of power is ultra deadly knife attack leaves one dead and engines cool. Paris police say it all unfolded just a short time ago and into Paris opera house when an individual with a knife began their attack. Stabbing people round and a few witnesses said they heard the attack say allow Rockwell beautiful French police think he shall be saved. Look at new followed this morning over the White House staffer who made a disparaging dismissive comment about Senator John McCain and his ongoing battle with brain cancer. At least consider Jobe an awful joke that she said felt flat. The comment made by White House staffer Kelly Sadler in a closed door meetings. And McCain's opposition to their nominee for CIA director Gina Hassell. Doesn't matter because he's dying anyway that there didn't privately apologized McCain's daughter Megan but that was clearly not enough I don't. Are seeing what kind of environment are working. The acceptable any wall had just taken his younger sister to prom when they stopped at that North Carolina Waffle House a confrontation then breaking out. The case now under investigation. Back. A public outrage over this cell phone video 22 year old Anthony while being held by the neck by North Carolina police officer Waffle House saying its CEO called wall personally to check on him and apologize. In this FaceBook video posted Friday Warsaw mayor AJ Connors defending the actions of that opposition. And this is not be racially motivated issue. This was just a young man who would have broken the law and law enforcement officer rich. A dad hard at work on the job. A daughter catch you by surprise it was the first time the pessimists NATO would be so dressed up but she didn't want this crucial high school memory. To be without one very important person. When the big night came her dad had to work. So she made a 25 mile deep to work to drop by and surprised him a moment that was so much more. Then picture perfect. Disintegrates during that they had last and is missing as I got lots of messages asking if there was any relation not that I know but there are lots of us up this issue probably Milo your dog hesitant from. Forty years later come on. Yeah I mean sorry I meant.

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{"id":55142427,"title":"Weekend Rewind: Stabbings in Paris","duration":"2:33","description":"Take a look at the top news stories that happened over the weekend, including the stabbings in Paris. ","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-stabbings-paris-55142427","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}