Winter Storms 2014: Atlanta Prepares for Snow, Freezing Rain

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in 45 counties.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Winter Storms 2014: Atlanta Prepares for Snow, Freezing Rain
Begin with another winter onslaught taking name on it. Third of the nation of millions are again in the path of the powerful winter storm system that's set to dump snow freezing rain and. Ice winter storm watches warnings and advisories issued in more than a dozen states from Texas to New Jersey and this morning in the middle of all of it is Atlanta. Two weeks after just two inches of snow paralyzed Atlanta this time neither the city nor the state are taking any chances. Schools are already closed today every one ordered off the roads as of yesterday evening. And the governors declared a state of emergency in 45 counties. Do not put yourself or your family in jeopardy Atlanta's mayor echoing that appeal. The most important thing that we can do. This to have the roads clear. So that all of the capability that we have put together as a team can be use Atlanta residents scramble to prepare. Is that night went on as I get busier days there is hope that we don't get -- same actually did last time. I think. You know the weather's going to be bad. We'll just stay home. -- -- and see what happens Mississippi's governor also preemptively issued a state of emergency in forty counties as the region braces for a 12 punch of snow -- up to an inch device Georgia's power companies are working overtime getting your emergency centers ready and this power crews in Pennsylvania finally get the -- flowing after five days in the dark. That region is bracing for another powerful winter nor'easter. That could dump up to one to two feet of snow from DC to Boston late this week it comes as even winter party Pittsburgh faces a road salt shortage. Slowly got the last a couple of days -- now hiding the ice. So it's it's very dangerous. So -- the ice is under all that snow snow and ice and the likely power outages today's storm. Definitely -- take serious -- get the latest from AccuWeather where meteorologist Jim Dickey is tracking the storm good morning -- Good morning John and Marcy tracking some ice and snow here -- these early morning hours. Through the morning the worst ignition shall be the court or hear from -- northern Louisiana senate Arkansas all the way. Into central Alabama -- then into the nice things really get going here the threat shifts off to peace -- land north and eastward. Through South Carolina into North Carolina he could see significant ice accumulations over an inch in some locations. That would down some trees bring widespread power outages John -- Marcy back to you.

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{"id":22456921,"title":"Winter Storms 2014: Atlanta Prepares for Snow, Freezing Rain","duration":"3:00","description":"Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in 45 counties.","url":"/WNN/video/winter-storms-2014-atlanta-prepares-snow-freezing-rain-22456921","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}