A Woman Is Addicted to Eating Deodorant

A 19-year-old New York City woman is addicted to eating solid deodorant.
2:54 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for A Woman Is Addicted to Eating Deodorant
Welcome to the next if you've been awake and watching and paying attention had been dropping hints about -- next door and we. It gets kind of bizarre we don't want to laugh. Found it disturbing because it's disturbing -- this lady is probably gonna have some serious -- health issues OK so there's a woman in New York City heading to the cost is nineteen years old and she is addicted to eating deodorant the solid deal. He's solid deodorant although she -- she does say that she just discovered deodorant spray and it definitely -- and -- Gracious. It's nasty. They didn't leave residue guaranteed and therefore she's going for that anyway but doctors are concerned because -- -- in his stomach cramps. Apparently it contained in -- contains aluminum. That right and therefore it can lead to dementia seizures and even death but the bigger problem is happening thought process addiction which is similar to OCD sellers basically can't stop herself it's -- more than an addiction. Take a look how. My life revolves around -- -- When I wake up in the morning I'm going to work. Have to eat tomatoes -- to your advantage there's no peace deal. Middle of the night. There you have it. Don't want breakfast anymore. Well obviously that's when she. And -- ultimately mentally and physically should be all right bizarre words added to the Oxford dictionary -- I haven't heard this -- -- -- -- -- its own informal look -- situation where -- relationship exists between two people. But one hasn't been declared romantic or sexual interest in the other. Old friends some other words attitude he had friends on it stuck in the friend zone added to the Oxford dictionary apple team -- know -- that is. I'm just now it to drink yeah baggy green you know what that is and I don't have the answer to bio similar. -- -- Bracket Lucius there's a view. But I don't feel I'm right negotiations go ahead given ample apple -- in the friend -- Apple a teeny. I -- another woman in Massachusetts who apparently was talking on the phone at her local -- fitness and got a boost membership revoked. This is the same. There she is okay this is hurting this Tina Santoro. Has Mars she says that it was a route because she wasn't talking in the designated cell phone area -- for the same place that say they don't. Do any -- intimidation and she is being yelled at by the manager from beverages. That I don't know about a month and -- treadmill and I expected to be itself free zone and -- -- Catlin away. A lot of products of the paper yeah yeah Texas there's a zone where you can talk so -- say yeah. My best job of the. -- so to speak we get you can get paid a 100000 dollars to -- a working vacation down under. Tourism Australia today announces a competition called best jobs in the world and basically six winners look at a six month job. Pays a salary package of -- 100000 bucks. And you get to be park ranger lifestyle photographer to celebrate the wonders of down under so what are my its competition. -- --

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A 19-year-old New York City woman is addicted to eating solid deodorant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18654301","title":"A Woman Is Addicted to Eating Deodorant","url":"/WNN/video/woman-addicted-eating-deodorant-18654301"}