Work Those Arms With Your Cell Phone

A new cell phone case will allow you to weight train while on the phone.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Work Those Arms With Your Cell Phone
So we're talking about weightlifting talent that trial unless this is like the extent of the weightlifting with a cellphone in hand -- -- the company who were trying to bank on that they have created an iPhone case that ways either 2.2 pounds or 3.3 pounds. -- that you can get to work out every time you lift your phone book than -- picture of it yet this is serious saying he believes this is so -- -- you. And why would you want to carry this around if you're gonna -- in Islam just. -- wait it out military around to close to the old fashioned brick right there and -- like cheesy Ron -- founded the Sally but he's really going for this it's actually sold out right now if you want what they -- -- about anywhere between 38 and 42 dollars. I have been made in Britain but most -- -- to the US say Jefferson is -- back and stops -- I will never be any entrepreneur or because I remember that this gift idea ever meanwhile I guess it's element -- -- haven't done -- -- -- -- Kate Snedeker having enough. How much an article this is -- as the new apps for being anti social it's pretty awesome and take social media -- -- -- Graham foursquare FaceBook. All these social media sites that allow you to identify where you and your friends are okay -- some for enemies on that site co workers people. Don't want us. You by the app and it tells you where they -- it's -- but slope. And it can for you when your acquaintances are nearby and alerts you if they're perilously close. That also like -- indeed doing don't legacy decree for everybody see no where they are hints like an alert like. They're a block away watch yourself -- -- Using foursquare and -- candidates are also have to be people who are actually posting Selig and the only thing you're not -- -- reason for -- You know as you know where they -- your friends close and enemies close. So Florida my home state -- -- done it again another story of someone doing some then just -- of Islam and landed. I'm at McDonald's and she asked the guys she was with to -- amid a flurry. He -- know also what also she's supposed to do just let -- car on fire. Goodness he had so witnesses said they overheard the whole conversation she was upset that he refused to fire and that worries though she grabbed his keys poured alcohol and gasoline on the car and ran off. I would know what to do -- of Mortimer -- is how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It definitely. -- -- My children and exploded -- -- do some research on that are right this is awesome two guys cover beyoncé is album that they had to parity it's an amazing viral video. It was posted on March 11 it's got two million. News they started out that they -- one song -- -- -- whole album in five minutes it's. Great. This diplomacy must place out. Do you live in pain in his -- Oh. We cannot -- -- -- Yeah.

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{"id":22964791,"title":"Work Those Arms With Your Cell Phone","duration":"3:00","description":"A new cell phone case will allow you to weight train while on the phone.","url":"/WNN/video/work-arms-cell-phone-22964791","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}