Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

World News Now pays homage to bubble wrap.
2:33 | 01/26/15

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Transcript for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
I'll take it all together barefoot trek and noble phase a big. Day for the world's most ubiquitous and you tell a carrion. Packing material but we look like we're being packed up and shipped out of here actually about a message for the network right now oh but today blogs. Via fifteenth annual national bubble wrap appreciation day will celebrate any day here folks paying always duels humble bubbles. Kind of predictability of the product the past 55. Years people would have a lot of fun with this stuff K simply to reduce your would you case point. Take a look. What they've got good over. But for the moon contracted the field riding the bike and their laying out mobile quite blunt says he's doing this and so you do wound up among the lucky. From a high season for wonderful feeling to know hopefully found in the late for my little bubble with the thought that. Hop on the mobile. But I think that by professional. Fred yeah. And there's also reason that we'll explain why we're so into this with raccoon right here. Look at what can you just keep hoping the stuff right. Over and over again it's almost very difficult and then I'm. It's very addictive and the but you know what this is the coolest. Use I've seen it yet but this is an artist this is legit this is a Bradley heart based here in New York he makes paintings. By injecting pain into the air of WC the process here. But look at the finished. Product all packed incredible animals bubble wrap he's you look at is very incredible do you know that this bubble up with actually. It vetted by engineers in Hawthorne New Jersey 1957. By accident they were actually trying to create textured wallpaper. And that they try to adapt their product reducing greenhouse and selections last Texarkana all people up would you cat. The textured sad sad little bit of death right and you accidentally give bubble or bubble wrap. If it around well. This is supposed to be a tie in the pocket squares I don't think people do little weird the way people don't Wear it for an hour here on net and overnight show. We're going to prevent contract. I mean this could be very couture. Right now say towards Leslie did an on the red carpet and dancing at the quiet. Until we got for now fought. But the news this half hour we're gonna go find moved pop back up those from the promise them. Give think old faithful WOK and. And.

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{"id":28480365,"title":"Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day","duration":"2:33","description":"World News Now pays homage to bubble wrap.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-bubble-wrap-appreciation-day-28480365","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}