Cattle Auctioneer Rap

A hip hop beat is put to an auctioneer's fast-paced announcing to create a mashup cattle rap song.
2:53 | 09/08/15

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Transcript for Cattle Auctioneer Rap
And now it's time for the next you spent some time out in the midwest this reporting. There's a lot of to have the midwest that I feel like we don't get enough and this is what I was apparently. There's things were told livestock auctioneer championship where auctioneers. Lives. Auction off lights got it together to find out who has the best options and particulates. The equipment and permanently if I hope there for a they have niceties but an entity buys Steve identity and creativity fine tune your weight 65. They had mortars not the best as I count on Paris agreements there you know who I think we should get Calvin Harris caught CP was involved in it lit up like it. Apparently isn't done by a life that marketing association was first held in 1963. And I got to say this. The placement JC's got nothing on this guy. Pretty good he -- at a listener you're asking good you know we've all. We've been like the victims. The bad or corny dad camps over the years. And then the thing is it's always do you get to hear that bad jokes and he never get to see that impact and the what really it does for the kids were on the receiving end up at Nickelodeon in Australia showed us the other side. In the kitchen yesterday exit to my attic hey I'm hungry. And my dad says. Hi hungry and had you any language. Yeah. Q and. We need you guys at odds. Yet they featured interviews are the many kids are as they call them survivors. Sleazy dead jokes and you can see these kids have a great job of showing the true impact of all those off hooks over the years Herring. Story Nickelodeon Australia highlands to the whole thing destiny's attic on line and you know babies. They teach sign language. Have Mandarin in some cases where starting kids early there's so much so scientists now are trying to teach baby computer science. The language of computer science take a look this is actually. A mini marriage we started computer science for babies. It's just for kids were just months all that goes for trying to teach him. And or not but the basic logic the heart of computer programming so they're starting to learn ones and zeros. Even before their one years and why. So that's pretty amazing and apparently it's also the book isn't soft cough comes of the teasing Reagan quickly material so which is very key at this stage of life. I'd really respond. Absolutely. The that this this last who have been good guide designed plane. We'll showed that overlooks central stick business. That's what we'll be back.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A hip hop beat is put to an auctioneer's fast-paced announcing to create a mashup cattle rap song.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33596608","title":"Cattle Auctioneer Rap","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-cattle-auctioneer-rap-33596608"}