Fall Fix-Up

"GizWiz" expert Dick DeBartolo has the latest on all those fall gadgets.
4:15 | 09/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fall Fix-Up
Hot and is officially here in the rush -- on to win arrive and fix up the house. Gadgets can make it easier thanks -- gives -- his. Dick DeBartolo is here from Twitter dot TV -- -- and more. That some fun stuff. First -- wearing something here at -- I'll work glasses -- -- from Home Depot there adjustable Lindsay is there a little -- screws at either end. And so you can adjust them to your eyes they're about twenty dollars and the company also makes ones that -- more like regular glasses and sunglasses -- -- and they -- about thirty dollars. This is really needed to have to do a lot of windows. This is the Kutcher cordless squeegee. -- -- just spray stuff on you -- -- are -- windows fresh -- We he's just running down -- -- all the glass. No newspapers no grand. No -- -- story I didn't just running down. And it will actually. Suck up the -- suck up the excess liquid that's -- and that goes too little tank in the back and just go to the sink pour them -- yet. That's great do better out into the matter -- -- it doesn't matter grant and you knew about forty windows on one charge. This is new from Black & Decker it is -- -- cents twenty evolves. To Max. Two and one of so when you push this it's -- lit up now we using it in screw mode. Did green tells the batteries full up lithium ion in this mode its auto sense Soviet drilling I'm not -- -- to the glass. But if you drilling to screw will when it's flush with the work surface -- -- will stop automatically Howard -- for idiots like me but yeah. I -- this delicate and Swanee -- so it's very powerful and then meet these are these are great -- -- cold Moody's. You know everybody's using compact fluorescent. It's very economical war LEDs. And what they don't common Collins and a lot of people hate the law could send her children -- cost about three blocks. And and changed him at will and very quickly this silicone. So they're not gonna burn or any thing any -- -- Not just. Incandescent. -- Connecticut to not this will bring this is silicone what they make decor -- of but you don't want they could smell refuse -- -- -- -- or I what's so great deal. OK and as so those are remove these. This is really -- I don't know if you've had this problem. Where you -- everything in the your house is nice in common except -- LEDs. From your appliances are so yeah right. So these -- cold light -- the -- and stick. What you do is peel and stick them all over so that you can see my things in the way. That not to like down by sixty or 70%. Say you know the LD is on if you hate -- -- altogether. You can use blackout. And it does not get blackout a lot of people get -- -- bright lights and yes I tell exactly -- coming different colors to match your appliance about finalists for. Sheet this is very clever. So this is. Any kind of turn -- The self centering -- -- let me turn it down will. Sink into the black numbers on top and you see the little red numbers at the bottom out the little red numbers at the bottom are exactly half of what the top number -- So you hanging picture and you want to -- would be dead center if you look at the red number that's exactly -- -- -- goes -- On the ballot to six bucks -- -- total number and a half I don't know why is this is very clever it's it's a little it's called some -- If you putting your nail in the wall. This is magnetic but the real live hit this instead if you -- -- done that so many times. And into -- small and for about ten bucks sounds fantastic what a great idea is Dick thank you so so much. For more details check out Dixon website gives -- is topic is corporate W and fans dot com you're watching -- is now. Let's -- stuff let's fix stuff I love this.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"\"GizWiz\" expert Dick DeBartolo has the latest on all those fall gadgets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25691517","title":"Fall Fix-Up","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-fall-fix-25691517"}