'World News Now' Friday Rewind

Alex Rodriguez and Prince William are featured in our Friday Rewind.
2:29 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for 'World News Now' Friday Rewind
Friday -- even though it's the dog days of summer that is did not take a holiday absolutely not this week we saw extraordinary courage extraordinary violence. And moments of human drama in between. He started to fire from inside of this -- look at -- officers. It's not -- right we don't want you to know that I love you don't get a bad not bad it got -- -- did you get -- but don't worry about it. We also found him. We have to die so that the next generation. Can live freely and smoking and who didn't pull local school -- convince people -- who started by noon school only to you -- and big. And so bad by -- The only explanation I really -- -- this is this looks like it's. On his nerves and hoping hoping destroyed tensions Wallace. Sirens coming down a mountainside right there -- -- it's just kind of wait and see what happens can't control it. I've always believed that people. Are -- problems with the previous decision to be homosexual if Russia doesn't have. Gay or lesbian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stewart is a hero to. A national hero today -- -- like mere eight appearances which Armstrong knows something special instantly they -- have a car. I'm just trying to -- the PM it. Well -- -- this goes they're excited I think. The -- few weeks and it didn't. Just a very different emotional experience. Samaritan who was I would feel myself. Patents by farms but again is an initial purpose. A lot of things for me differently now. The happy couple would like to remind our view is about our new online segment called in case you missed it. We understand you can't always be with us here live on television. So we actually are going to include the best of world news now you can just check it out on our FaceBook page W and then fans dot com and we'll have some of the highlights of the week anything that don't that we can undo the working. Work you can -- now be here mean domain. What do you it's one of the last week into some assistant -- just an additional amenities -- things like. Grill O and chill out the back yard and you're good grill every kind of -- -- into -- -- to -- -- your specialty. -- economy fire in red -- as I saw how can use those in. A hundred different combinations and never gets -- refined tastes nasty -- yeah.

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{"id":20044006,"title":"'World News Now' Friday Rewind","duration":"2:29","description":"Alex Rodriguez and Prince William are featured in our Friday Rewind.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-friday-rewind-20044006","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}