Gadgets To Keep You Safe

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo previews the latest technology to protect you and your property.
4:15 | 10/26/15

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Transcript for Gadgets To Keep You Safe
We all love our gadgets there are a lot of thought but they're not always most practical but the items are about to see here Serb. A very practical purpose to keep you secure and safe in here with all the latest and greatest is big deal is in south. Dick DeBartolo thank you so much for joining you welcome I do have some nice. Inexpensive and some are a little bit more protection system this is from Saber I'd like this because. It's everything in one easy to carry packaged. Is the Smart panel that that controls everything it's a Steve it has battery back up there's a motion cents a this two door or window sense is this a little key fob remote control with a panic button. We thought everything yes and they filled on Amazon for about eighty bucks that's it yes that's it and then you can head as many window or door senses that you need to that system that's pretty easy. Install and yes you know what everything you need to install it is in there so you could take this with you. If you just an apartment for a couple months or something and you want something quick this could do it for you and the Max the Max is very clever in the Max is on the forty bucks. So it's a motion sensor if it senses emotional light comes on if you get up during a night in a light your way but what I like about this is. It listens for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors selling pushed so when they go off it goes off and makes more annoyed. Because people here different home so this way by varying the tone everybody can hear it so once it goes off what you do we should slide in value unplug from the wall OK there's this could be in the wall yes and then now you can use that as a flashlight well and if you need to Georgia phone you can do that are low from Netgear these these are wireless security cameras there are no wise and all that battery operated net pierce said they run. For the six months before you replace the batteries. Flat bottom put him anywhere on a shelf but the content of this very clever Mallon. Which is magnetic and so put that in the war and then you can carefully being the camera out exactly. Where you want it's great. OK so you get the camber of the mount and the base station for under 200 dollars that's Netgear and which beings. This is another security camera this is gonna meet the base lights up and tell you different things like that read the air quality in the room and seeing is not good. Right now it's blinking blue because it's looking for Bluetooth. Because it's not connected to my phone a pay and as a speaker and Aaron it can actually play lullabies. If this is using and is would be be my hope that's critics contend they got everything everything I'd read everything. This is really interesting this is called mace alert 911. I'll pick it up here OK so basically all this does pushes button all it does is Cole. 911 for you. Any cell phone we'll do that even if he had no service they can still call 911. What's great about mace the Mason 911 it uses. Any cell carrier so if you're in an area where your own cell phone does not get a signal. You use this and this will try. Any carry it find the best and call out. An annual business speakerphone and here's the talk to the police over the that's great probably gonna do to keep your car to absolutely have to and finally here what spend any money you know. There are a fake security since. These are fake cameras this guy looked very real that's about fifteen to seventeen dollars. And finally what you can do is just by security sign hop. And put the mound and some a course got to say. Let's go to the house without the signs he may really have a hi palace system and anything used to deter. A criminal that Italy right now again you know that I have a friend who put a big dog bone mineral water bowl buys back door and it works and it work script it's so far. Dick we love having you here RD is where is Dick DeBartolo and for more info. Had to give what is adopting is or FaceBook page W and and fans dot com. You're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo previews the latest technology to protect you and your property.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34729969","title":"Gadgets To Keep You Safe","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-gadgets-safe-34729969"}