Inspiring Mets Fan

25-year-old Mets fan and paraplegic Amanda Perla was selected to appear in a pinup calendar.
2:56 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Inspiring Mets Fan
Or. And now it's time for the next I love it when women or men overcome such adversity to people who never expect him to I want you to meet 25 year old Amanda Carla. She is a huge mats phantom wanted to be a cover model. For this calendar that it is all about Mets fans and boy did she do it she was. Wheelchair bound after a serious accident seven years ago that broke her neck a driver fell asleep at her mother said you know what you shouldn't go for it. And she made it to the top 31 that it went to the voters and she ended up getting the top vote bringing in 4000 of them winning. She chose march she got to take her month watches your birthday and she's in the calendar. For the Mets fans. Mets fan the seven line calendars what it's called from of them it. Mets fan for thing though she looks. It's beautiful scene doll grin I'm. I have lived in New York long where at least I know that much. Quickly and no you don't like this story. But that this could this picture up combined two things that are bad for your doughnuts and cheeseburgers and that's what you get this team like the have a doughnut burger this is out of club Philadelphia. You have a lot of different arise affirmative not hand the caloric intake on that one but heartburn Iranians are wolf. Yeah bring the tubs. Politics and foreign wars all the way of their all the stories and that is the world news poll. Takes that role anyway to slow stop this I'm Koppel Joseph. In the world news. It's late in the wide awake and you're not wearing hands so grab your world news now mom again everybody danced. Have some fun PM now everything your diet now. And do. It's. Dying. Sang okay. Okay. Apparently the boxes I think parents to be Bruno and it's. Nice half you know when the L. A felony I had news do you. The world news talk. Just working the graveyard shift that's slightly over broken so when you. CNN join joke. I hope fades every week we're here. Okay. Not a single game with a little world news. Yeah.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"25-year-old Mets fan and paraplegic Amanda Perla was selected to appear in a pinup calendar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26419621","title":"Inspiring Mets Fan","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-inspiring-mets-fan-26419621"}