Kim Kardashian is Expecting Another Baby

The reality star revealed she's pregnant with her second child.
3:11 | 06/01/15

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian is Expecting Another Baby
Thought we get breaking news a negative today. Yes in case you know devoted watcher of the show keeping up with the card that kids here is your breaking news Kim Garnett and his pregnant again. That's that's mrs. Clinton got us he had a struggle apparently in for those who have been watching the show. To conceive a second child a husband a Kanye West's eyes but a central storyline on fees and ten now of the show. But it hasn't been shy about sharing services to doctors and her quote exhausting efforts with her husband book to you my farewell of five laid out. And a preteen at the end of the show this season finale she revealed the good news to her sister Khloe. I just and blood tests it's like. Herb 34 year old gave birth to baby north nearly two years ago June of 2013. Chris Jenner. Has tweeted her congratulations congratulations it. Colleagues that it is the family is growing and those zoo. Seem to be doing all right have a long for Christians taking 10% and batons. Now call home might all of the day Lisa daughter on even if they've gone downhill this is what happens in the middle of the night cut cut through the gardez is we're not. Honored last night the critics' choice awards which honor the best in T. But there was plenty of PDA Allison Janney giving new late night host James Gordon the Hollywood welcome by of course making out with him when she grabbed her best supporting actress trophy for her show mum. Wow all. That's a give me that kind of agreement. Bigger. Now let's take. Another big winner of the night. Nobody but because it. Empires the project he had that taking home best actress in a trial if I lost out bills to the Americans which is on FX for best drama series it feels so good about one that. Serious and real housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Judy check Judy Jake has sued her first week now from prison Pittman nearly five months since she. Objected to the federal correctional institution in Danbury Connecticut to serve fifteen month for fraud she spent her 43 birthday there on the aides think. Plus probably what prompted the message to her one million followers tweeting thank you everyone for all of the cards letters and kind words of support. I love love love you all all right and there's usually not much to say about what guys Wear to the prom right you just phoned the tough sell to maybe he's different colors here there was less we'll just like your wedding it's about the woman shouldn't be that complicated right. Bless you Gene Smith the actor musician stepped out with the Hunger Games star a mole the Stenberg in an off white skirt and long black tunic. Right I like it don't add up all about individuality or write well his dreads are there his guts and bring this white gloves on this. You do it without our I'm all about it but it wasn't his first from the season popular kid two weeks ago. He sported the bat man look I don't know about that one with a flowing white cape that time he accompanied friend Mecca collided at a schools big night from tight fifteen. Different than most of us remember but those pictures will just leave live on. In the same store you applaud individuality to thing relevant that you know. It Moorman I'm allowed to change there did find the.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The reality star revealed she's pregnant with her second child. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31437300","title":"Kim Kardashian is Expecting Another Baby","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-kim-kardashian-expecting-baby-31437300"}