A New Miss America is Crowned

Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, is crowned Miss America after answering a question about "deflate-gate."
2:33 | 09/14/15

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Transcript for A New Miss America is Crowned
It is time for the skinny and of course first up the Miss America pageant coming full circle and. And Vanessa Williams a first African American Miss America. From 1984 that stricter for title because she had once posed nude. Invited back to be had judge and form as well. But then pageant CEO Sam Haskell stepping it. Emotional moment there great moment. Meanwhile back at the pageant there was this swimsuit contest the talent questions and also from the judges. There was this answer for miss Georgia she was asked whether Tom Brady and cheated in the deflate gate scandal. Really good question I'm not sure I think have to be here to see the ball and that feeling and make sure it was blended or not to play did that yeah question. I think yes I think he cheated if there was any question to be panic I think they did he definitely seated and there then he should have been suspended for that that's not fair. Let's say yeah. Let's have no idea what he said whatever you think of that answer though. Fifteen minutes later the judge's latest. Miss George in the same moment completely screwed up that answer and trip twice on her dress crowned Miss America 2016. To be fair the 21 year old college student this. Beautiful. And talented opera singer. I would sing opera was really great. A few moments later posting this puts out with the caption so honored to be your hash tag Miss America 2016. Went out to another beautiful woman walking the runway at New York Fashion Week the tour secrets model Candice. Swan apple took a tumble in front of the crowd Asia munchies show expected fall from grace. But she got up signaling she was RA leader in some ramming a very on beautiful how old for scratched up knee. Incredible. Well there's a victory for Chris Brown the singer worse winning joint custody of his one year old daughter royalty the little girl will spend four days with her mom and forties with ten. Her parents live near each other in LA we wish him all the best to block there. Park especially on the road I have absolutely.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, is crowned Miss America after answering a question about \"deflate-gate.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33737967","title":"A New Miss America is Crowned","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-miss-america-crowned-33737967"}