Planetary Phenomenon

A rare 'planetary trio' made up of Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be visible in the early morning hours until October 29.
2:56 | 10/26/15

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Transcript for Planetary Phenomenon
OK so there's something really cool that is taking place in outer space right now if you looked to the east. After watching us and them. Overnight hours there after dark you'll commit to see something that rarely happens. If you see Jupiter you see Venus and easy marks all together there it's got a planetary trio. And it really happened to next time you're going to be able to see all three of them together like this is 20/20 one and it's actually visible what most binoculars. Had their rough five degrees apart we're told fired at animals so it's easy. Out for first or blood moon now there's this planetary yep that's just on the end of days in the days ahead. Although. You know I love ways to stay warm and there's one woman who. The cost of PSA for leggings she got very very upset about women in particular liking take a list. People liked his leg and his britches as its payments. Many have their supposedly wore. UK where certainly covered short tailed blocking child she doesn't have to take prints found. You don't need to be why aren't you they're to tax. Back to you got a tattoo on your relaying. They're to cap a ninety day war period that's helped. That this isn't. Went crazy on social medium and she also gave a lord Jesus as to whether they know analogies it's a big no no don't Wear white leggings ladies. Why is she said they're like penny. Really even after Memorial Day especially after going and. Just when I learned the rules. King has said. Cool scene from my old hometown and and San Diego take a look at this this guy who always out boating and then this saline M rated just all of a sudden jumped on that is Bubba about. Was and they end of it decided to snuggle up close to help oh behind. This is in San Diego's dimension near the Coronado bridge and would be terrified that he would come to bite my neck or something I would be too. But you know what I think animals contesting that could do this and look at census of the night. And given a hot. China looks like a bear their. You right out of there a little sequestered for cover for me to do so microbiology from. Some of them are more talented than even if we think look at could not basis. This is. Fat and the American society for Michael but not micro biologist hosted this first international. A go our our challenge and so micro biologist around the world took. Various microbes and germs and created these little Petri dish artwork to these are all germs these drug germs that are starry starry night and look at this a right here which. Gorgeous pieces of art and I don't make fun of nerdy scientist they're more talented than me and they are a nice job guys that's in the palace.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"A rare 'planetary trio' made up of Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be visible in the early morning hours until October 29.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34729920","title":"Planetary Phenomenon","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-planetary-phenomenon-34729920"}