Science Says Don't Rake Your Leaves

The National Wildlife Federation encourages people to leave fallen leaves on their lawns, so that the natural habitat can flourish.
2:54 | 11/04/15

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Transcript for Science Says Don't Rake Your Leaves
Now it's time for the next ten K filed this under interesting recent studies have actually done scientists. Are now saying don't rake the leaves and yard OKV epidemic right into the Condit wouldn't can't test to the they don't this because bugs that live. In the early this is their habitat butterfly start up a Florida in the leaves. When you move that you're moving these little critters from their habitat to some other locations the National Wildlife Federation. Is encouraging people not to rate their leads are saying butterflies salamanders chip monks told us. Earthworm they all live. Lay eggs for the heat sleeps and there's made it clear the public's interest company take believes where they may. And don't worry about getting a mafia. And in New York City yet lot of rats that are in the lives. Lindsay some creative ways of people trying to get rid of their we sure have. But there's sink don't worry about that I did admit that this weekend for Halloween party at my house I removed double teams off my deck without thinking and now a little. Stick up for removing the league reliving beliefs are and when that hasn't been. And the woman does have a strong woman that he doesn't do anything to not when it and by that case witness again and woman. That's right. Larry good are so take a look at this. Speaking of women ruling the world or. Females are not you know floated off. And it's hey digger don't you got kids that mayor. Led the tiny town of rabbit hash Kentucky 350. Constituents there. And now this dog Lucy Lew is running for. She's running for pres he's running for president. So Lucy who has an interest in slogans and he says she's there. Don't you you can really count on the highlight ahead and he's like it. All the other presidential candidates are dogs why shouldn't a real one run. That's what her campaign manager of oyster owner sense. If she says she promises and on the web site. To never ever pee on her constituents vehicles she's bout that she has found that. Take the liberty campaign promise I'd like to be succeeded as mare's we'll soon they'll support the campaign guests to cover every night see where she goes. You know what could attract a lot of people crazy here in New York are slow walkers and on the sidewalks when the subway stay on the right if you're standings and the left to be walking down what sport. In England has decided that there can create a fast lane for shoppers to make experience. More. But much much better so there have a fast lane of our goes in Liverpool. 08 conducting research 31% of people are frustrated the pavement Hogg are still people checking their phones slowing up the line and they think this is gonna improve. People spending in storms there. It'll improve life all around but don't ride to swap.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The National Wildlife Federation encourages people to leave fallen leaves on their lawns, so that the natural habitat can flourish.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34956720","title":"Science Says Don't Rake Your Leaves","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-science-rake-leaves-34956720"}