Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Impress your in-laws this Thanksgiving by making your best turkey yet!
2:53 | 11/25/15

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Turkey Tips
You dare he do. And I. Hello I road. That fat and not Adam Lambert to cut Google because we thought oh we're less than 24 hours away April 1 of the most American of holidays and one holiday that is frankly nearly enough. Yes and speaking of which for those of you prepared to Mars dinner apparently today is a good day to get a head start on the feet CBC's Eric Haynes has some. Turkey day tips lord help us. Side good housekeeping test kitchen Cherie Bridget Marin associate food editor has a hacker to total rocked my thinks he. First if you're like me you just might be missing a few Turkey day sent chills YE wrapped it really secure as the Turkey if you don't have this. Fourteen to sixteen pound behemoth kind of sliding around. They'll rat no problem. Carrots and celery sticks are your trains placed in the pan and set your Turkey on top of them. Done and done. Doesn't become inured to attack Iraq but it'll cleaver the dripping so war to breezing. Next don't spin the entire day in the kitchen. Prepare your sides ahead of time you can do half the work most of the work really. At a time peel potatoes for mashed potatoes hours ahead a time and even a mixture of lemon and water in a salad Spinner. You can even deal with apples for your Apple's high. And speaking of meet the eighteen a piece a cake with this nifty trick. No food processor to make I don't just great the daughter on the backs greater. Really easy and finally my favorite. Back to chill the wind. Put a handful of sultan of bucket of water and ice you'll be chilling with your wine if she's at the time. An assault. Actually allows the water and ice to be colder than just ice and water alone. Staring teens ABC news New York house. Great yeah I never going with that might act. You've got to go grab you have. Oh this should. Have a go when you. I'm very but if you don't have to like Sicily but I love a good racked. Sorry you're just gonna set that up. With the update that faith but W waited fans dot com there's a W I arrest. Me this as ABC's world news now. Informing insomnia acts for two decades.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Impress your in-laws this Thanksgiving by making your best turkey yet!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35407718","title":"Thanksgiving Turkey Tips","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-thanksgiving-turkey-tips-35407718"}