Veterans Stand Up

Veteran Derek Humphrey tells his story about creating comedy upon returning home from the military.
4:01 | 05/25/15

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Transcript for Veterans Stand Up
Not easy right to find humor in the heat of battle. It's not and that's exactly what some soldiers are doing as a way of coping with the wars of war. Also as an emotional release want to get back home here's ABC's Dan Cutler. I'm not from New York I would want to jewelry shop by Detroit Detroit would like what happens when he loses and city. Like any comic Derek Humphry looks at the punchline in a situation. Even in the middle of a war it was kind of bewildering. And a sense just because I had I couldn't imagine that I would ever be a part. That point in history and to be completely honest I didn't entirely agree with all. After listening in the name Eric found himself stationed aboard the USS Donald Cook. Launching missiles in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom so hearted humor finding its way into the situation. Military of the military lot of area. You all these things think they're preparing to take excuse in order or you know accomplish a mission are all under active. And then you know sometimes the powers that be law you Q wait a minute. Or several more hours that down time to let dirt work on something else. Is that whenever they ask for money these my comment please. I got a rock. Yeah dollar. We did what went on the way that where you like you know let. Maybe this Ali thank. My workspace was you know below. The water. We had a compartments. That the officers are way up some of them some newspapers and travelman. They haven't. The jokes journey into the world of standup comedy didn't start. I didn't have a guy normal upbringing as a kid would. Probably why gravitated some viewers commenting whose base than on mom and I. Her about though is awkward and weird kid and arises wanted to finance wise. And newscast process. That sort of thing. Is exactly what people's hopes to bring up and others like him. I just thought it was something that would help you know me I find comedy really cathartic I can go on stage talk about. You know anything that's bothering me and hopefully make it funny and I thought it might work for them also that's why he's teamed up with the wounded warrior project. To help each comedy the veterans. We probably have about seven or eight veterans and we. The start up at the beginning and we. Start with you know what do you think's funny and tell me something funny in trying to build an active then theoretically at the end of of course we have we'll show whether it's working a small room or. Headlining that's square garden. They share. On opposite with these guys from the tenth mountain division would just come back where Saddam on the day in the sky turns to his friend and nieces. It's the first night in here we haven't been mortar. And yes those types of reality checks and help comments like Derek you would they do best. Make people laugh. Which are warm workers in which you wouldn't be so. Couple downward dog those moves. He's jumping this is there. Mikhail shape with the real. I pays around a line. What was your get your first big break in in the city. I'm still waiting. Talent scouts. Take no. Stand at ABC news New York. What a great start you know what you cope however you can and at the Kuwait to do so and through company aggressive moves got to the end. Yes the story like that on this memorial that we can both important stories me there. Twenty people going to along.

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{"id":31283561,"title":"Veterans Stand Up","duration":"4:01","description":"Veteran Derek Humphrey tells his story about creating comedy upon returning home from the military.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-veterans-stand-31283561","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}