5-Year-Old Is A Fierce Dancer

Heaven King demonstrates how to do the "Hit The Quan" dance in her latest viral video.
2:50 | 09/02/15

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Transcript for 5-Year-Old Is A Fierce Dancer
And now it's time for the next member or take there's a young grossed five years old she appeared on the Allen show right here. You may remember she did this whole entire dance was to be on say but this one. Bob was with Nene got seventy million. Viewers will now she's got her. It's called his hot take a look. She was two years old when she first appeared Allen but this is hit the cloning. It's amazing because it has already also gone viral with Nene got seventeen million hits in just a couple days hosting this one. Almost a million. Hughes and she. It under the hash tag and mommy daughter and her mom is also a dancer. And that's life could kind of mommy daughter thing but it and happens is where you can behind him on series. That is as a rumor momma. Going to be in the next big thing there. All right there is a garden or in Canada that is really excited right now because he has grown up what he believes to be the largest. Cucumbers. After he's looking for Guinness world records views certify that plane. Started off 42. And a half inches in some things. Detroit he gets up to put. Over 44 inches there it is. While the BQ film at fifth happily and so it's gonna take believed twelve weeks off before he'll find out it seems as Daniel Holland. I'm forty find out whether his vegetable is in fact the largest one and then gets re gonna do with it. Eat it. One's an eternal pickle first. I'll get pickle and then eat there you go okay big Q number need help but love and there you go. All right well you may remember back dad he as a father of four and he chronicled his parenting. Skills he has more than three million followers on vines and this is the latest compilation proving that his white may actually be the real soon. I. Guys. Artificial. Sweetener. You mind explaining. Itself. You know. Bernhard. But. I'll tell you I didn't virus so patient apparently that posted August 28 over 36 million view here is a look at another though it. Typical good sport about yeah absolutely. That's do that review. Half with a fast lasted everything that's it. We'll that'll do it for this version of the minutes. Seeds in the morning.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Heaven King demonstrates how to do the \"Hit The Quan\" dance in her latest viral video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33473872","title":"5-Year-Old Is A Fierce Dancer","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-year-fierce-dancer-33473872"}