World Record Set For Human Mattress Dominoes

1,200 people participated in the largest ever "mattress dominoes," which took only 13 minutes and 38 seconds.
2:54 | 04/11/16

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Transcript for World Record Set For Human Mattress Dominoes
And now it's time for the mix and you have a favorite comes. Icebreaker for work parties things that you know thrust fault that kind of anger shock you like does a guy that's one way. Well this other company has another way of doing it they just set the world record for the largest human mattress dominoes visit to Canada things. 1500. Rather participant. Well Ivan something just isn't set up this huge domino fours while they apparently. Accomplished this successfully on the first drive. It took thirteen minutes and 38 seconds so this is a team building things business part of their annual managers think it. Graves I don't care about ever really want to work for them I actually think it's not a cool I remember I believe the bill dominoes behind her. Put them together in annoying behavior apparently did the kitchen and that I would create netted. Connecting to a whole new. I was issued a guy who put everybody. She's a cheerleader. They came here that the Phillies. Outfit forgot to close under mattresses vertical Christmas and a lot of hotels and you know some of us are that a skittish about yeah what you might find. Is uninteresting note that. One guest found in this hotel room I don't know if you can see clearly it's as if you're reading this. Then housekeeping did not change your sheet all you really wanna see that peaks falls at a hotel and it was posted on read it and you know kind of weird question is like this have been there since a fifty. Everything they had at a regular event but there yesterday. Members when he well it's very weird but apparently not one of China and the my shades. I guess it could be worth the rest of the well. Ask you get it from pretty standard run well with social media now videos out people are kind of continuing to up the ante creative ways against. You could say that yes this new trend now is to ask people to from. By replicating your actual birth. Complete by the way with a stretcher and the bed and mom screaming. The big guys pretend like he was just born cooled out op Ed in a diaper so that he can say the hunt flying I was born. To go to prom with. Again. Just so this is all the rage critical a lot of effort hurt I'm not so great hunter. But that's. Trying to pump I hope she said yes at least yeah that chaos created didn't ladies probably psyched about that it's afraid of take a look at this in the meantime this amphibious car. It's a Lambert heat let can achieve expected yes exactly it's excellent EVE bay right now. Day after about 26000 dollars bargain yeah when I don't end it has it is. Jeff Matthews on this but that it that it has ended in mid Atlantic. Are.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"1,200 people participated in the largest ever \"mattress dominoes,\" which took only 13 minutes and 38 seconds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38301927","title":"World Record Set For Human Mattress Dominoes","url":"/WNN/video/world-record-set-human-mattress-dominoes-38301927"}