World Record Set For Speed-Hugging

A man in India hugs 79 people in 60 seconds, setting a new world record.
2:53 | 05/27/16

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Transcript for World Record Set For Speed-Hugging
Time now for the mix and you think pranks can be art of course. We'll have to prevent it even reaffirm that painting a picture when you check out this next right. This just happened in the museum according to. The Twitter moment here. It turns out to people left the pair of glasses and a museum floor and digital happens next. People started gathering around thinking the collapse of themselves were arts it does look like Picasso. The senate. Isn't related they were taking photo. Those with the glasses analyzing the glass they mean when you when you look at a pair of glasses and you just you're just hanging out watching them like this. They that are just scared it's it's nothing but then you put it there and it takes hold my almighty god. Bow down to the artist. We'll I like bank C so now. Picnic if we are aren't. It's just a thing of beauty here's another thing of beauty. So this guy and yet he set the record. Horror the most hugs they'd admit it. Some 79 Hudson look at it he tentative splits that's at any sort of these you know probably brews as a child and I'm very good had no. You know. We welcome. Broadway's lyric content with cast members of on the town. Politics and foreign waters all the way all those dollars that's the world news help. If they're at insomniac. I think you back into the world news Pope. It's late night nobody nobody can you not naming plants are grabbing her and not. On the town you and me an allotment obstinacy. Is if you examine all. Hot again the lapels man's traps that look from many lands and the man had planned EE EU. Lots of tourists lots of parents not breathing a copy shops. They make. Cities. Everyone is helpful kid and always so polite but I think it was just about every single traffic right. Did tablet that I'm naked guy on someone. That's little good news talk. Who cares what the bus this thing never had to pit crew and meet your neighborhood 12 o'clock here volume happened didn't when they yeah. Tell them. I accidentally or. I. And Allison and holly not learn. And Gloria Lynn there have a great weekend on the town within a month and.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A man in India hugs 79 people in 60 seconds, setting a new world record.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39422768","title":"World Record Set For Speed-Hugging","url":"/WNN/video/world-record-set-speed-hugging-39422768"}