The Year Of The Gadget

ABC's Reena Ninan talks with Giz Wiz Dick Debartolo about his favorite gadgets of 2014!
4:30 | 12/25/14

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Transcript for The Year Of The Gadget
As we enter into the new year it's always a good time to take a moment and a look back at the year that was then for one man did have a fourteen was the year rubbing gadgets or we're always happy to have what that's ardent giveaways. Dick DeBartolo from the twit dot TV with his favorite gadgets from the past your Dick good what TM. Good morning marina has some fun stuff this is my most impressive this is from cope with the jump pack. So I went down a little marina my boat battery was dead I hooked up this little guy with these jumper cables that plug into the side. It started my V6 225 horsepower engine I notice now when I push on all four LEDs light up so it's still got to have very healthy charged. It's also a have to hold the button here it's also a flashlight it also does SL asks. And since I showed it on the air when we showed it it was a 130 and now it's a 101 on that dropped. Price and you swear that even at car. Key role lack of defense yet myself yet be able to do it look for the red cable through the black cable put that on turn this on stolen car facilitates. Covert says even be a tough ice and hostility the V6. This site you I freak you out with a new resist when he dropped yet reverend Hudson River yesterday that wolf I had been here on the shelves and I said you know really it's not water resistant put it would have proof tonight food and a picture on Warner. And youth oh my god but then I did this high ticket down to. The I think can't believe you did that I would that was playing up. Ricky. Eight that yeah okay. So that. Is to fool loose speaker and him and this is the rough case version 230 dollars or you get it in designer case is what I didn't actually switch cases involved and that's under 200 got a great. This is very neat I found that glanced at the world the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and it's called quick stand from my guys who little credit caught sorry guy we do if you put up pop out. This aluminum pad. Can't stand the head up. Stand this little stand up in the back pick a place for it to be tilt lies. Open up the bottom. And then slide your Smart phone your tablet anything up to seven inches you can put it in that way. You can put a dismal landscape of portrait. Under eleven block you can trust me that's been among the pain with the kids this is that I keep this in my travel day gets grin on the snack tray. Perfect perfect credit as perfect. That's quick spin. These are neat these are used everywhere light dams and we doing a little Mickey Mouse kind of demo here. He's you would never have and LED like this bright but if you decayed yet. You could use one of these guys like this this is called blackout so this just. Knocks it down to zero how this is if you want to halve the light usable. But definitely can still see a very bright but it's not glaring eating well eight not that they'll like down by 70%. I think that having a seizure and Alice so Brett if not it's out that's an eight remission at this on the here. And there about six dollars and she OPEC didn't ask I didn't about a month ago after only a lot I can tell from my web site people will very excited about this. So it's the way you wrap you drop your ear buds in the and then you rent the cable ground drop the end to the is the Jack in the air and then folded up like that throw it in the wallet so my weight yeah it's ten blocks and then since we showed it we now have two new colors nice and my final guys it's another one of my favorite time I think you've managed to knock it over it. Headed to get hit it. They all picturing yeah. I. And that that day we're gonna have been no one out and get it handed back to media. So I added that is called the mighty mud go and it's magically coming back. A land marina has a you know I can't reach it could do you notice I can't pull within but it's not picking up OK what I would expect it to be hip and decided not to okay. Lifted up at my arm action protected. Part of how well I don't expect our I'll tell you fine morning to outlaw these. Fronts Sunday and web site. Best way to stop this or comment on the red hands dot com Dick thanks so much help seal lid WCBS Tony fifteen can't wait the Morrison.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"ABC's Reena Ninan talks with Giz Wiz Dick Debartolo about his favorite gadgets of 2014! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27825129","title":"The Year Of The Gadget","url":"/WNN/video/year-gadget-27825129"}