6-year-old saves turkey from table

‘Via’ the turkey was not on the Thanksgiving menu this year thanks to her human best friend, Maci. ABC’s Will Ganss has the unlikely story.
2:35 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for 6-year-old saves turkey from table
So the plan was is we where going to had status. Raise that and and then they were going to be dinner but no foul play for idea that Turkey this Thanksgiving L. Yeah. And yell at me as BC net new from the moment deal was born back in March being beaten based friends. I mean best friend it just started out where instant. Stumbled on accounts when she was very tiny. And then I don't know their little relationship they despondent. What exactly does this six year old girl do with an eight month old Turkey's. Gobble it. As one dies and yeah. BCE and DS dumping as much quality time each day as they can. Whenever they lay on the house together and watched GE. What I'll. But TV time it's tame compared to playing barbies with the. She never had a calendar boys dying. Got talent throughout manner. Chill the east Jilin. Also some dolls because. Other dolls teaching may see some important life lessons she has claimed responsibility. She's learns. Kind nest. Greece backed the animals a silver lining in 21 the year that's been roasting all of us. For my daughter something really great came out of that pandemic concern felt this positive relationship with her path. OK so full disclosure the family did have Turkey on Thanksgiving but it wasn't the act. In fact they were decorating for Christmas on Sunday and Mason wasn't able to play with Diaz much is B a one hitter TO. Soviet kept laying on her feats that she could move. That Turkey likes attention. You gags you guys the turkeys sitting on her lap one TV with her at lake. If that wasn't a. It was the F Turkey trampling for me if that is set that's quite impressive there I saw that he didn't register Tom yeah. And the fact that this Turkey this Turkey is Smart great because it will really what you wanna do the Turkey. It before the holiday picnic but it. I don't have to put the children by an assailant AC yeah you're right keep it very Smart Turkey well they designed to bring it up best aren't appreciated.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"‘Via’ the turkey was not on the Thanksgiving menu this year thanks to her human best friend, Maci. ABC’s Will Ganss has the unlikely story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74460296","title":"6-year-old saves turkey from table","url":"/WNN/video/year-saves-turkey-table-74460296"}