New Year's Eve entertaining

Author Tim Laird swings by with some great recipes and hosting tips for your New Year's Eve festivities.
4:19 | 12/31/18

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Transcript for New Year's Eve entertaining
Welcome back for the new year is almost here what better way to bring in 2019 that would festive food. And cocktails yes America CEO chief entertaining officer Tim Laird. Pulling some ideas from his new book the Bergen country cook book yum he joins us this morning Tim. Take weaker that's. This looks great doesn't get happy new year today here it is we're gonna ring in the season with a fund beverages and food first off I love this cocktail this is I call Mike confetti cocktails and Julio or bell Briton and a glass. And I put these dragged. Cranberries in here in the actually go up they did not like us. Yeah second adult lava lamp if you will ask a now you look for the holiday occasion now is like to make a punch but you know what I found out that if you make it no pitcher it's easier pre guests took more than getting the punch. Ball so anyway very easy cocktail. In a large pitcher I put in. Two bottles of corn belt campaign now you're sure that's enough if bloody and big you can always make more now everyone around this time gets a little nervous about opening a champagne bottle soggy vehicle electrics to host the court isn't flying in this campaign is that going all over the table if it were that's not Iran not spread out there but here's an interesting back. On the wire cage and has six half turns out one. Two three. Four five and six. Every she pays model has six that turns on all he knew that you know the real the real secret to this. And you want to make sure you that make sure that. Court does not flying and one of the secrets is make sure it's well chilled which is a minimum four hours in refrigerator aloud if you've opened up those soda bottles then it goes flying Soviet all children okay. Now here's the other tip. You want to hold the cork. And turn the bottle that's the real son Uday and so Kazaa otherwise you're gonna start. Polling on the court and then go flying so you just want to turn the bottle holder Clark it. Us like that we didn't spilling. So that goes into our pitcher along with that other bottle it's simply. Four ounces of cranberry juice and then. Four ounces of chum board it's a black raspberry look cooler. I put them a little bit of our raspberry is very garnish so we pour that in there. And then an alcohol free version you can use 7UP. Instead of the core bell which you have parent I've got and here's the core bell version so cheers yeah. OK well. Whom. Very light refreshing yeah. And I like easy around the holidays. This is a quarry the holiday crab dip by which actually been put an appeal copper serve with crackers you watch how easy this is. Eight ounces of cream cheese that's been whipped her Chris you've got about a pound and a half. Fresh crabmeat here you can use imitation of you want but it beats the holidays you have a real deal. Doesn't that harm couple of blood drops of Worcestershire sauce may be for herself and then a little bit a seasoned salt pointed maybe a teaspoon. And peppered and you want that it's KC can adjusted EZ go yeah but that's simple what you do is hers it's set up. And the need to put him these little field cops who gets to just grab them tasting go if you wanna tasty candy and a little cocktail sauce on top is a Topper. A ten mile tonight I'm. Well her but it's good. Light easy quick to make it out say what seafood in Champaign go great together. And another common they say love while you're enjoying that I love this sweet ending basically. I take a little whip cream removal of the Duchamp board the black residue with cooler there and in the whipped cream mix set up in the neo strawberries that you can dip in there. And little Carl you you're still a club so doing that would be oh yes just like. Appearance here is hopping I don't yeah. Iranian. Whom does not witnessed rude group. There's really good and you can find. The another bout of food ideas and debate is up ten his new book the Burbank country cookbook. Tim this is delicious of this event for Jordan you are that's how do you hear you're on your world you know. Thank doubled the.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Author Tim Laird swings by with some great recipes and hosting tips for your New Year's Eve festivities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60087476","title":"New Year's Eve entertaining","url":"/WNN/video/years-eve-entertaining-60087476"}